Testing the worlds most overhyped foundation… the ads got me IL Makiage


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hey yall!!!! the time has come…. the adssss literally got me sooooo well from the il makiage! im finally testing the worlds most reviewed foundation… yall you cannot tell me you havent seen one of the il makiage commercials for their woke up like this flawless foundation… YOU CANT TELL ME YOU HAVENT! so today we put it to the test
would you buy it? do you own it?

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  1. Jennifer Wood
    Jennifer Wood says:

    I agree with your friend Doll. Do you want to be able to live your life also and you need to do what’s best for your own mental health. If that means uploading one a week or one every other week or taking a few weeks off you just do what you need to do. My son who is a senior in high school literally just did a presentation on men’s mental health is astonishing how many men do not want to seek help for their mental health because of the stereotypes that society has always had on them i.e. “I am Man I must be strong“ Or men are to be raised to have such strong pride that they don’t feel comfortable getting that help because it makes him feel weak. So the fact that you will even discuss your mental health is honestly absolutely amazing. We all need a mental break sometimes. And at the end of the day yes you want to be proud of your accomplishments. But you don’t want to look back later just to realize that you made all these accomplishments but, Need to allow yourself permission to truly live life. At your age you’re still young and you still have so much that you can do it truly enjoy life and enjoy living it. So, Make sure at the end of the day when you close your eyes you’re able to think of something that day that makes you smile. Just remember you have to take care of you and make sure you’re good before he you worry about taking care of other’s needs and or wants don’t let your light burn out because of what you think others want from you 🌻🌻🌻🌻

  2. Brigit kincaid
    Brigit kincaid says:

    So i ordered it a while back. The foundation was okay but it had a HORRIBLE smell i couldn’t get past… but so many people love it I’m wondering if i got a bad batch!?! But when i returned it i complained of the smell and they didn’t say anything like oh it shouldn’t smell let us send you a new one… so IDK WHAT TO DO 😂😅

  3. Nikki Hawley
    Nikki Hawley says:

    I really appreciate your spill about mental health. You have no idea how important it is to hear other peoples struggles and knowing you’re not alone. Thank you for being a light in the darkness!

  4. ATL Guera
    ATL Guera says:

    I despised this foundation. At first glance I thought it's okay……for drag. But it's $50 wasted. Never did send it back which you can do. However, I do love their black eyeliner. ⚫

  5. Kassidy Smith
    Kassidy Smith says:

    Every time I want to try a product I come to your reviews. You taught me how to do makeup, and it feels so full circle right now, I’m low key emotional haha! I remember going to the new Morphe store in Vegas to get your life’s a drag palette and I cherish it to this day. We have very similar skin tones, and similar preferences, so I’m grateful I’ve got to grow up with a big brother to teach me how to glam :,) I also grew up Mormon, I haven’t come out to my family yet (I’m bi), but I’ve always felt so inspired by your experience. I’ll definitely let you know when the time comes 😉 I love you Manny, thank you for always staying so true to you❤️

  6. MakeupbyDreamer
    MakeupbyDreamer says:

    Ice been really off to feeling very depressed multiplesclerosis acting
    up so I took a break from makeup videos on tiktok but I’m
    Trying to get back in to the routine I’m trying to declutter my home I’ve been so depressed that everything is piling up , I feel tired all the time and I’m not motivated ughh

  7. Lena Graham
    Lena Graham says:

    Thanks for the honest review, and for showing how it was as the day wore on. Nearly every makeup looks amazing when first applying; it’s how it looks several hours later that matters!

  8. Crystal Young
    Crystal Young says:

    I am a foundation queen owning 100s and this one is not good! My mom purchased it as I never jumped on the hype thinking it was like a Mary Kay/Avon grade product and it was no coverage hardly…I layered it twice and still felt like it did nothing…they pay for their hype for sure!!!

  9. Megan B
    Megan B says:

    Manny you were first beauty guru I ever watched, found you at 100k subs, well you’re also the only one who made it to 2022. Congrats lol

  10. Monica Esparza
    Monica Esparza says:

    Hi Manny
    Your doing great.
    Thank you for the videos.
    I bought this foundation too
    I was ok with it.
    Went back to double wear and MAYBELINE all over again.

  11. Lauren West
    Lauren West says:

    I tried it and the color they sent me was soooooo far off. I sent it back immediately. I’m pastey ass white and they sent me orange Oompa Loompa based on my test.

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