Clair-Obscur with Kristen Stewart – CHANEL Makeup Tutorials


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CHANEL Beauty Talks Episode 8. With Kristen Stewart and Lucia Pica, learn simple moves that make a difference for captivating eye makeup with STYLO OMBRE ET CONTOUR and LE VOLUME REVOLUTION DE CHANEL.


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35 replies
  1. Ashi Iqbal
    Ashi Iqbal says:

    This makeover not suit on everybody …it's just suit on rare people … So Kristen Stewart is coolest personality … This makeover is only for her face

  2. Ayyan bhatti
    Ayyan bhatti says:


  3. İsis Julia Maria Phlipatör
    İsis Julia Maria Phlipatör says:

    Bundan sonra böyle, kimseye bedava yardım yok. Herkes parasını hazırlasın yada derdini çeksin. Hem coşkunun hem de benim paramı ayrıca hazırlasınlar.
    Enayi serp yok karşınızda. 16 bin tlden başlar hayat kurtarma. Kendiniz bilirsiniz.

  4. septiemeart
    septiemeart says:

    Is it just me or does it seem like they're having separate conversations? Kirsten will say something, then Lucia will say something completely unrelated 😅

  5. Juliana Cesaro
    Juliana Cesaro says:

    I’m sorry but I am just past the 1 min mark and every word out of Kristen Stewart’s mouth is ridiculous. What are you on woman??! The MUA is explaining the makeup technic and you are spouting unrelated nonsense!! This confirms that I can’t watch anything with that actress, not even an innocent makeup tutorial 😩

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