Secret Beauty Hacks And Makeup Tutorials For A Stunning Look


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00:00 Makeup contouring DIY
00:35 Natural eyelash serum
01:20 How to apply eyeshadow correctly
02:59 Glittery lips for party
03:28 Waterproof eyeliner
04:41 How to remove blackhead

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26 replies
  1. Marcella Geddes
    Marcella Geddes says:

    No! Because You'll Grow Ruff Coarse Hair On The Top Of Your Nose!! & Anywhere Else You Shave Like That!! I Know At Least 2 Different Older Women That Started Shaving Their Faces When They Were Young & Now They Have To Shave Everyday For The Rest Of Their Life Because Of Five O Clock Shadow Just Like A Man Does!! So, That's Not The Deal Sister!!

  2. dana kennis
    dana kennis says:

    I always find something good in these🌟 The only one I didn't understand was the one with the 4 types of skin types and 4 different foundations..?? Anyone else understand that part?

  3. Саша Хіргій
    Саша Хіргій says:

    Господи,невже бритвою можна отако по носі провести і позбавитись чорних цяток не пошкодивши шкіру???хтось пробував?
    P.S Please,STOP WAR in UKRAINE🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦!Save our souls!♥️♥️♥️

  4. Гульнара Гаджинева
    Гульнара Гаджинева says:

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  5. CeeVee
    CeeVee says:

    Why are their make-ups always so rubbish and messy? And did you tell me to apply vaseline on my apple?
    Some are very useful, though.

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