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Hello Everyone,
Thank you so much for watching and supporting my channel I appreciate it so much!
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Stay confident my lovelies XO

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26 replies
  1. The Fumbling Cuisinière
    The Fumbling Cuisinière says:

    Check out your dollar store options for organizing bins. 😉 Also, team Susy lol. It's not a date if it's a regular theater or barstool dining; that's just passing time or food for fuel. 🤣

  2. Suzanne Miller
    Suzanne Miller says:

    your hair colour suits you so much better,
    I got mine changed to look darker as well , & looks great too , funny when you go lighter you think you look so good , not always true 🙃

  3. angelfromhellshawna
    angelfromhellshawna says:

    Oh, girl…I haven't tried that specific brand…but we use the heck out of our air fryer!! We LOVE it!! So many things can be cooked or heated in the air fryer. It gives everything such a good crunch without all the fat from deep frying!!!!

  4. angelfromhellshawna
    angelfromhellshawna says:

    I totally agree with you about the affordability of Hello Fresh!! My grown kids and I absolutely LOVE it!! It's so nice to have some different things to eat…not the same old same old…lol.

  5. Yess21
    Yess21 says:

    Being your authentic self 💕
    Im in the middle lol i don’t mind not getting recliners for movie theaters & for dinning out I would expect a booth (seems more reasonable lol)
    @23:13 lol i thought I was seeing a ghost behind you😭😭 but it’s just Steven!!!

  6. Pompom Mania
    Pompom Mania says:

    I had to stop drinking "real" coffee and switch to decaf because it didnt sit well with my stomach and in return hurt my back. Bad posture + chiropractor = the more you know. Fixed my back problems.

  7. Marta Wachelko
    Marta Wachelko says:

    Your hair looks really gr8 longer, but you should have them all the same longer lenth. And if you really want them to be shorter on the back your hairdresser should blend them better 😊 but def yay for long hair on you!

  8. hottie19619
    hottie19619 says:

    Hey susy those are the newest AirPods 3rd gen the ones you had were the 2nd gen shein has good cases for $1 I buy them all the time love your weekly Vlogs 😊

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