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Products Mentioned:
Caliray free dreaming skin wellness defusing tint https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hryh/
*update: I liked how this wore although it did emphasize my texture a bit as the day went on but I will use it again!

Tarte shapetape use code kelly for 15% off https://bit.ly/380Qp9o

Saie hydra beam concealer https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hryj/
update: this settled into my fine lines a bit as the day went on so i prefer to use a lighter layer as a brightener before going in with a different concealer

Laura mercier Tinted moisturizer blush https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hrym/

Jaclyn cosmetics sheer powder move loose setting powders https://bit.ly/37YSR05

Florence by mill tint and tame brow pencil https://bit.ly/3P1I4mf

Florence by mill tint and tame brow gel https://bit.ly/3vJFkm0

Jaclyn luxe legacy eyeshadow palette https://bit.ly/3MOrc0v

Laura lee Los Angeles eye brushes https://bit.ly/3FdGQQx

Jaclyn cosmetics in line eyeliner https://bit.ly/3yki0Nz

Urban decay wild lash mascara https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hryz/

Colourpop Winnie the Pooh super shock cheek in silly old bear use code kelly for 10% off https://colourpop.sjv.io/xezYv

Colourpop Winnie the Pooh super shock cheek in mind over matter use code kelly for 10% off https://colourpop.sjv.io/kjvEzd

Jaclyn cosmetics luxe legacy lipliner in hope https://bit.ly/3MSee1E

Jaclyn cosmetics luxe legacy liquid lipstick in hope https://bit.ly/3FjqUvT

Jaclyn cosmetics luxe legacy lipliner in sweetheart https://bit.ly/3MSee1E

Jaclyn cosmetics luxe legacy liquid lipstick in sweetheart https://bit.ly/3FjqUvT

L’Oréal gloss in balm in shade blissful https://go.magik.ly/ml/1hrz1/

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43 replies
  1. Stephanie Yuhas
    Stephanie Yuhas says:

    Mothers day not the same as it used to be for me. I found your channel 3 years ago after my son was killed in a git and run and I spent many nights awake. Love you positivity which is what kept me coming back to your videos! Thanks for just being you and not feeding into beauty drama!!

  2. Michelle Spaeth
    Michelle Spaeth says:

    I’m most excited to start my new house build this month. So exciting! I can’t wait til it’s done and we can move in. 🥰😁🏡I need more room for my makeup lol!

  3. noober tuber
    noober tuber says:

    Use the purity by philosophy to get that foundation out ur shirt. Pat it in then scratch it then rub it. I use it for stains all the time and it gets GRAPE JUICE out of my toddlers shirts!! I’m telling u lol use it for stains. Stumbled upon it using it to wash my sponges.

  4. Maya Clark
    Maya Clark says:

    I hope for once I can win a giveaway after being a YouTube makeup fan for over 10yrs and I have the worst of luck in life generally. But can't expect to win anything if you don't try and enter right.

  5. Gina Cometa
    Gina Cometa says:

    I could really use a giveaway I've never won anything ever in life and even just a simple makeup palette would really brighten my day my life hasn't been peaches and cream

  6. Lynette Alexander
    Lynette Alexander says:

    The thing I'm most excited about is my daughter's bday on the 17th!! I ❤️ the look of that palette so fingers crossed I hope I win!!!! lol I hope I still have a chance!!!

  7. Hannah Odell
    Hannah Odell says:

    Hey Kelly! I’m a fairly new subscriber🤗 been binge watching all of your videos! I love how cheerful and relatable you are💓 May is such an exciting month for me! It’s my first Mother’s Day as a momma of 2 beautiful boys and it’s my birthday month! 🥳💙 I am truly blessed!

  8. Amanda Loza
    Amanda Loza says:

    It’s funny that you say light lip colors don’t look good on you because when you posted the review of the super nude Milani (I think color tease or pleasure?) I was amazed at how good it looked on you and told myself, “that’s probably a better color for blondes” so I bought secret (the perfect pink for me) and it was all based on your video 😜💖😘

  9. Zephyrs shows
    Zephyrs shows says:

    I’m most excited for my daughter starting t-ball and school to be over so I’ll have more time with her, plus first Mother’s Day with my mama in 15 years

  10. Helen Stuckey
    Helen Stuckey says:

    Mother’s Day is a hard as I misss her horribly!!!
    This my son and my beautiful daughter-in-love took me to ‘“somewhere special” was the only thing they would say is be dressed and ready to leave by 10:00 am. To my surprise both sets of grandparents and Great Grandmother Bunnny to a place that did 3D, 4D, and 5D imaging of my new granddaughter, Jesse Rae. They let all us. And this explained their silly grins they had all morning. They then took us out to eat. I would love mother/daughter palette. I am soooo excited for another granddaughter. I am 58 years young SUGAR GAAMS. Thank God for our numbers continue. I just miss my Mama soooo bad. Thank you for doing the offer of this as I love the colors that make me think my Mama because those are colors she would have loved also!!!

  11. Jay
    Jay says:

    Im looking forward to celebrate May 23rd with my son it's his birthday and I'm blessed to still have him in my and happy we get to spend his 10th bday together F CANCER 😌

  12. Teresa Smith
    Teresa Smith says:

    I absolutely love those colors and Im going to have to try to apply shimmer with my finger next time. Thanks for your videos I love learning from you

  13. Sarah Trattles
    Sarah Trattles says:

    Such a good giveaway! I'm looking forward to visiting both mine and my husbands family – we don't live close to any of them so make the most of our time together when we can visit 💗

  14. Mason Burch
    Mason Burch says:

    This is my first mother's day as a mother. I have a 9 month old baby boy, moved away from my family with my husband who is in the military. I spent my first mother's day alone with my baby boy as my husband is across the country for training.

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