SKIN UPDATES: Perioral Dermatitis & Laser Hair Removal Dark Skin


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Giving you updates on my laser hair removal on dark skin, how I got perioral dermatitis and how I got rid of it, and how I’ll be getting rid of my hyperpigmentation.

Video edited by @coreyiel.ellis:

0:00 Intro
0:37 About My Skincare Routine (Cosmelan Peel and Sensitivity)
3:24 My Morning Skincare Routine (Vitamin C & Sunscreen)
4:37 Perioral Dermatitis & How I Got Rid of It
10:22 My Nighttime Skincare Routine (Tretinoin)
13:57 Laser Hair Removal Updates (Dark Skin)
16:30 My Hyperpigmentation & What I Use to Treat It

Cosmelan Peel:

How to Find a Black Derm:

Tretinoin Video:

How to Treat Large Pores video:

Laser Hair videos:

Hyperpigmentation videos:

Subscriber hyperpigmentation series:

Hyperpigmentation mistakes:

Dr Alexis Best Actives for Hyperpigmentation video:

Sunscreen for Darker Skin videos:

VI Peel:
VI Peel for melasma:

TCA Peel:

Dr. Kikam (@brownskinderm):

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21 replies
  1. Dani O
    Dani O says:

    I've kind of gotten lazy with my skincare routine after being so strict with the Cyspera and not getting any results. I've been doing cleanser, moisturizer, sunscreen, no actives. I'm about to start reintroducing them though. I had a similar experience, I was switched to the "same" birth control and started breaking out. My skin has leveled out now though. Thankfully. But now I have new hyperpigmentation to address.

  2. Legends
    Legends says:

    I started developing hormonal acne a few years ago and my face completely exploded last year when I stopped my birth control combined with the stress of the pandemic. I tried a few routines and a few derms, but things are clearing up now that I'm back on tretinoin. That andddd my new holy grail sunscreen, the Olay Mineral, thanks to your rec!

  3. Kim W.
    Kim W. says:

    Where shall I start? I have hyperpigmentation around my eyes and hair on my chin and the side of my face. Now, I have really bad break outs on the side of my face. Can we say my face is a hot azz mess.😢🥺

  4. saeefa
    saeefa says:

    Apparently Perioral Dermatitis can be caused by an allergic reaction from products that have essential oil, fragrances etc I've been dealing with Steroid induced rosacea for the past 7 months and its been making me so depressed because I'm just wondering if i've developed the actual rosacea which is a life long thing, the derms weren't that helpful, ive got antibiotics that i have to take for 3 months so we'll see how things go. None of this would have happened if i just avoided skincare products with essential oils, fragrance, denatured alcohol and steroid creams, I've learned my lesson

  5. Amber U
    Amber U says:

    Personally I am working on keeping my skin clear with the trentnoin and being way more consistent with the sunscreen application ( thank you). Moving forward I really want to work on the under eye hyperpigmentation which really bothers me also a few dark spots and I am continuing my laser hair removal. At some point i do want a peel.

  6. YungReparations
    YungReparations says:

    I had a deep customized Mandelic peel back in May. The peel cycle takes 29 days to fully complete. It’s slow but so effective, especially under my full beard and neck. On day 30 a pimple on my forehead appeared because I ate Mac and Chez, so now I’m using a kojic acid serum to slow down any hyperpigmentation it may leave behind 😖😂

  7. Moe Thomas
    Moe Thomas says:

    Hi! Just transitioned from adapalene to tretinoin at night and azelaic acid in the morning. Working on hyperpigmentation and anti aging. Age 45. Great content here!

  8. Lynnette Bond
    Lynnette Bond says:

    I was diagnosed with Perioral Dermatitis last year, the antibiotics did not help after a month. I typically don’t bother with all those crazy social media skin DIYs but the ACV with Aztec Clay mask cleared it right up.

  9. Blank Canvas Makeup
    Blank Canvas Makeup says:

    I find that LRP has excellent gentle hydrating cleansers, nicer than Cerave to me. That Aveeno Calm & Restore skincare line looks sooooo good to the I. I am waiting eagerly to see it on the shelves here. I will definitely try them.

  10. Dupe Ajayi
    Dupe Ajayi says:

    Girl, I'm glad you're doing better ❤Thanks for the info on Dr. K. I had a horrible chelitis breakout over the past few weeks that drove me nuts. Worse, go to stuff like Blistex and plain chapstick irritated me further. I was so glad to stumble upon a video Dr. Dray did years ago on the condition and causes.
    You are so right, it can be scary when you don't know what the condition is and don't have access to your doc!

  11. Step ahead
    Step ahead says:

    Thank you soo much for sharing this experience!! I have searched FOR YEARS for an explanation of what this was and what caused it. Now I have a name that I can further research.

  12. Kimberlee G.
    Kimberlee G. says:

    I feel that hyperpigmentation struggle 😭 That is my main focus right now for my face and even the rest of my body. I have hyperpigmented patches that appeared on my chin and neck a day or two after I tried sugaring those areas. I was mortified when they appeared. Still a bit embarrassed about them and try to cover with makeup whenever I can. I've been vigilant about applying extra sunscreen there during the day, and recently added a cream with urea & an AHA to help moisturize and exfoliate at night. The patches have faded somewhat, but very slowly. I was thinking of adding either vitamin C, resveratrol or caffeine to my AM routine to help fade those spots a bit more quickly.

  13. Deza H
    Deza H says:

    The struggle is real! Setbacks aren't fun but you got this!
    Thanks to your lovely content 😉 my skin is getting better. Trying out new sunscreen and vitamin C products. Keep us informed. We appreciate your knowledge! 💜

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