Amazing Makeup Tutorials 💕 Crazy Beauty Tricks That Actually Work Most


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Crazy Beauty Tricks That Actually Work Most 💕 Amazing Makeup Tutorials
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  1. Luna
    Luna says:

    Why would you shave your brows off jeffree star style? Most people like a more natural look that their eyebrow hairs actually provide.

  2. 영미 심
    영미 심 says:

    이런 화장 부작용도 있을텐데 얼굴을 혹사시키고 눈동자를 바꾸고 진한 화장 안예뻐 보여요 아름답지 않아요 불쌍해보여요 다른걸로 당당한 여성이 되길

  3. Phyllis Mceady
    Phyllis Mceady says:

    I mean I can see if you want to wear a little bit! Of Make up. But ya'll women go too far , with these too dark wide drawn on eye brows, layers of eye shadow / make up. Smh ya'll be doing too much! Then later on you gotta take all that shittt off' and then put it back on for the next day 😂😂😂 shit.. Ya'll working harder then a 9-5 job' lol it won't be me that's too much work w/ make up, I'll be tired as heck, after that I wouldn't even go to work cause I'll be to tired 😂😂😂😴

  4. Phyllis Mceady
    Phyllis Mceady says:

    I am so glad I do not have to wear all that damn clownish make up🤡😂 these women wear sooo! Much make and those ugly ass Bat wing, Fur coats.. Of fake eye lashes, they be a whole new person,, it's to the point you don't even know who the hell they are, 🤔 I be like what ya'll running from yourselves. And Black women ya'll know ya'll need to stop wearing piles of makeup because we are naturally!! Beautiful! And we do not need to hide our natural beauty,, we are born as babies with our natural beauty.

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