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This is how I take care of my skin, so my skincare routine both morning and night is what I show you in this videos along with which products I am using. This is not a sponsored video, I buy all the products myself. Hope there is something you can take from it!

NYX – glow (make up)

Indy Beauty (skincare)
1. Cleansing Mousse
2. Facial Toner
3. Moisturising Day Cream
4. Moisturising Night Cream

Clinique – Take the day off (skin care)

1. Indy beauty cleaning mousse
2. Toner facial toner water
3. Day cream hydrating
4. Eye cream products to use
5. Scrub your face with a scrub
6. Be careful washing around lashes
7. Get rid of stress spots in chin area
8. Put cream directly on skin rather than the hands so it actually gets on your face
9. Clean your applicators
10. Water consumption

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47 replies
  1. Linda Martin
    Linda Martin says:

    I am a medical Aesthetician, toner is to cleanse, refresh by balance the skin's ph and to shrink the pores, it also moisturizing the skin and protect it… a toner has several purposes and benefits.

  2. Dee Thom
    Dee Thom says:

    Love this ❤️ products are made to be used a certain way BUT if you find a way that works best for you then keep doing it. Some people say ‘dont use your hands for foundation’ but as a MUA it’s actually great to use your hands as the heat from you palms warm the foundation and it will glide on easier. Do your routine the way that works for you xx

  3. yashpreet kaur
    yashpreet kaur says:

    u r love 💖
    but i sugest u after melting our makeup with that clinic product u hv to clean that with cotton after that u should ur your cleanser works best 😊
    love from india

  4. Edith Linnéa
    Edith Linnéa says:

    Megatips att börja följa @leyglow och ©skonhetsdjungeln på instagram! Jag har lärt mig svinmycket i deras stories om hudvård på senaste och det som pushas mest är att daglig SPF är det absolut viktigaste steget, så det borde du kolla upp att börja använda! Kramis

  5. Neko Tamo
    Neko Tamo says:

    Try Clarins “ Doux Nettoyant Mousannt Purifiant” – its the green one with blue beads (out of 3 kinds of their foaming cleansers). With one pea size, wash your face, it will feel clean like NOTHING you ever used! After that I will use toner, but believe me this foaming cleanser is MAGIC. My face NEVER ever felt so clean after one wash. My hubby steals it all the time 😅

  6. anettepus94
    anettepus94 says:

    Just some tips ☺️

    Use the eye cream first. Otherwise the day cream stop some of the effects of the eye cream☺️

    When using “take the day off” rinse it off before using the other one. This is called double cleansing. If you don’t rinse it off first the other products won’t have the full effect.
    When you rinse off the first one, you take away all the main makeup, and when you are using the second one, you take away all the makeup that are in your skin.
    This way you’re face will be all clean after.

    The toner. That’s not something you use to take off makeup, if the cotton pad is dirty it’s a sign that you have to clean you face better. Your face should be all clean before using the toner, otherwise the makeup will make the toner work less.

    Other than that, loved the video♥️

  7. Sigita Zumente
    Sigita Zumente says:

    I also don't use too expensive face care products. I have a similar facial skin care routine. But the big plus for me and my skin is that I don't use any kind of make-up. I don't feel comfortable with it. Many think I use cosmetics but when I deny it everyone says when I lie. But I see it as a compliment. 😀 then I always wipe my face and show that the napkin is clean. 😀

    Y look good too, whitout makeup 😊👌

  8. Jessica Brännvall
    Jessica Brännvall says:

    Jag älskar oxå Indy beauty, min hud mådde så bra av den. Provade dock gå över till filorga pga av min ålder men är inte nöjd. Så nu är ett stort paket med Indy beauty produkter beställt. Bra pris på bra produkter som funkar och dessutom luktar sååå gott!

  9. Réka Bakonyi
    Réka Bakonyi says:

    Dear Hannah🥰 I hope I can give you some of my thoughts! 😊pls don’t take it as an offense, everyone can learn from others. I learned from you many things about training and nutrition and self love so maybe I can give a little back to you with these thoughts😊…I think if you checked out how to use properly the clinique oil balm it would help a lot! (First rub it a little onto your hands then massage it to your face, gently removing all the make up. You don’t have add water to it, only when you finished and you want to remove it :)) then following with the water based cleanser is a good step but the toner is not meant to remove any makeup 🙂 if you still see some makeup on the cotton pad after you cleansed, it means that you are not cleansing properly😊 it is something that I have also just recently learned😅 I think many people know this wrong. Lots of love❤️Thank you for being you!🥰

  10. Mariya Guchshina
    Mariya Guchshina says:

    Darling, youre using that first balm wrong. it should be applied on dry skin to melt all the makeup and then emulsified with water wright before washing it off. try it that way, youll love it more!

  11. Lydia Blocker
    Lydia Blocker says:

    Hanna I have to let you know a couple things…
    1. Toner isn't for removing makeup or dirt. It's more of a treatment, to hydrate, brighten, ect.
    2. Before using your facial cleanser use a cleansing oil/balm to remove makeup and dirt then cleanse with your face wash.

  12. Glimlach
    Glimlach says:

    Don’t bother with the lashes anymore
    You can go natural I get Latisse it works and use 1 drop with a slant liner brush on both eyes

  13. Sarah MD5
    Sarah MD5 says:

    Baby boy is getting so big he is the cutest cutie😊 I wish I had your motivation and dedication🙃 your absolutely amazing! As always thank you and stay well

  14. Meir
    Meir says:

    Lady Hannah is so beautiful !!!

    You look like some of the Jewish girls! They are very beautiful!

    Are you Jewish?

  15. Réka Bakonyi
    Réka Bakonyi says:

    Please use SPF🙏🏼🤗 it can also help preventing the formation of fine wrinkles and dark spots on your face besides protecting you from skin cancer! Sending love❤️🥰

  16. Frida Lindqvist
    Frida Lindqvist says:

    I have tried Indy Beauty and they have fragrence (at least some of them). For the skin nerds in this comment section! Okay brand and affordable but not my favorite in the drug store 🙂 It Is a brand from another influencer in Sweden.

    I think that the stuff on your pad that is left on your face is your BUS (swedish brun utan sol) is simply coming off 🙂 As many of your skin care nerd followers already Said: Dont forget Sun screen!!! 💛💛💛

    Have a good day all of you! 🙂

  17. GeryBo
    GeryBo says:

    Hyram needs to see this video.
    Love you Hanna, but i think that there are some things that you could add to your skincare routine.
    Sending you hugs 😍

  18. Joanna Grabelus
    Joanna Grabelus says:

    Well, if you still have make-up after washing your face than it means it's not washed correctly! Maybe this mousse is not enough… and toner, you should use it to give your skin the proper pH and not to wash with it.

  19. Jennifer Gill
    Jennifer Gill says:

    A good tip I once learnt when applying creams around your eyes its to start from the outer corners and wipe towards the inner corner of the eye. This stops pulling the skin outwards which can cause more wrinkles overtime, hope this helps 😊 You're so beautiful 😍

  20. Monica Suazo
    Monica Suazo says:

    So.. this is not a workout channel anymore… Funny how we supported you guys at your beggings when it was all about gym and workouts, but now you all have your apps and became this.

  21. Schooling Diana
    Schooling Diana says:

    Don’t forget your upper chest. It’s not just your neck that is also part of your face. The chest gets more sun than you think.

    Edit: Pro tip—don’t wash your face while you’re watching Hanna wash hers. 🥺🤣

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