Ulta 21 Days of Beauty FINAL Week!


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⭐️ = my top picks

00:00 – Intro

00:53 – Notes for this week
⭐️Ulta Slim Brow Pencil – https://shop-links.co/cgNSmiPsWR8
Platinum Perks Day???

02:59 – Sun Mar 27
🔹Stila Stay All Day Eyeliners – https://shop-links.co/cgTH0kZLZyV
🔹BareMinerals Mineral Veil – https://shop-links.co/cgTH0GhvGem
🔹Buxom Full On Lip Plumping Polish – https://shop-links.co/cgTH0UDqSfw
🔹Philosophy Hope in a Jar – https://shop-links.co/cgTH1dPyPTv
⭐️Kopari Exfoliating Crush Scrub – https://shop-links.co/cgTH1zaBjvI

06:58 – Mon Mar 28
🔸PTR Water Drench SPF 45 – https://shop-links.co/cgTH2Lto8VN
⭐️PTR Water Drench Hyaluronic Cloud Serum – https://shop-links.co/cgTH24ZwK5L
🔸Origins Clear Improvement – https://shop-links.co/cgTH3mhYg2G

11:01 – Tues Mar 29
🔹Urban Decay Hydromaniac Glow Hydrator – https://shop-links.co/cgTH3TnVcaG
🔹Smashbox Prime & Plush – https://shop-links.co/cgTH4d44QYM
🔹Glamglow Eye Cream – https://shop-links.co/cgTH4v8hpwE
🔹Strivectin SD Advanced – https://shop-links.co/cgTH4IyyTOm

15:29 – Wed Mar 30
🔸Pur 4-in-1 Pressed Powder – https://shop-links.co/cgTH5iMWu0v
🔸Juice Beauty Stem Cellular – https://shop-links.co/cgTH5p1YIzN
🔸Perricone High Potency Collection – https://shop-links.co/cgTH5EAfhcu
🔸Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion – https://shop-links.co/cgTH6kKqdT3
🔸Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer – https://shop-links.co/cgTH51BB9Xq

19:33 – Thurs Mar 31
🔹Mac Face & Body – https://shop-links.co/cgTH7hwsCWO
🔹Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick – https://shop-links.co/cgTH6NNnW6m
🔹Philosophy Anti-Wrinkle – https://shop-links.co/cgTH7y69QCF
🔹Zitsticka Collection – https://shop-links.co/cgTH7SSGcfo
PEACH SLICES : https://shop-links.co/cgTItoOa4W3
🔹Murad AHA/BHA Cleanser – https://shop-links.co/cgTH75r1s9S

23:39 – Fri Apr 1
🔸Benefit Gimme Brow – https://shop-links.co/cgTH8xBZN46
🔸Benefit Porefessional Spray – https://shop-links.co/cgTH8Kx3cID
⭐️Exuviance AP25 Peel – https://shop-links.co/cgTH9k89a0n
🔸Exuviance Daily Resurfacing Peel – https://shop-links.co/cgTH9yvfBgO
⭐️Kinship Brightening Eye Cream – https://shop-links.co/cgTIcE0VyIb
⭐️Indie Lee CoQ10 Toner – https://shop-links.co/cgTIcq6hVEN
⭐️Volition Strawberry C Serum – https://shop-links.co/cgTIdloJP0g
🔸Volition Skin Rhythm – https://shop-links.co/cgTIc8cddXo
🔸Loli Arnica Eldernberry Mask – https://shop-links.co/cgTIcaX5OUT

31:08 – Sat Apr 2
🔹Tarte Maneater Mascara – https://shop-links.co/cgTIaWj9yfh
🔹Lancome Select Skincare – https://shop-links.co/cgTIa8p9oWY
⭐️Bobbi Brown Face Base – https://shop-links.co/cgTIblAdpPH
🔹St. Tropez Self Tan Mist – https://shop-links.co/cgTIbwKdO9j
🔹Flawless Skincare Fridge – https://shop-links.co/cgTIbK6kkJh

38:37 – Outro

this makeup look: y’all idk i went all out. Started with the Huda Pastel Lilac and became a look of “rummaging through everything” (does anyone relate lol). BUT the Blush is Mac Glow Play is Totally Synced and the foundation is the UD, shade 20.

#ulta #ulta21daysofbeauty #21daysofbeauty


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Kopari and Bobbi Brown products received in PR; all others purchased. Not sponsored. All my own opinions. I may make a commission through purchases made via links. Thank you to anyone who uses these links as it helps support the channel!


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40 replies
  1. Eddie Omega
    Eddie Omega says:

    I'm going to get the Mac foundation, I've heard so many muas speak highly of it for photographs…. and quick hack, I use a can of duster to really get in there too remove dust. I'm excited to try your toner!!! Ahhh

  2. Jeanne Moran
    Jeanne Moran says:

    I’m pretty set now on what I’m getting most days but I’m real on the fence about the Pericone growth factor serum! I like to take the sale as a time to experiment with things that I wouldn’t normally look at but the price tag makes it harder decision than most lol

  3. Maleah Clark
    Maleah Clark says:

    My mom swore by mayonnaise for removing sticker and tape residue. She'd slap it on, leave it on overnight and then clean it off with Windex or just soap and water. I haven't had Aquaphor on hand since the eczema days with my firstborn. I guess I got tunnel vision on it's usage, but it sounds like I might have to revisit it!

  4. Anastasia
    Anastasia says:

    Oh, I didn´t realize Volution Beauty was at Ulta… I loved the snow mushroom serum, their spf 35 was pretty good for me (when I just started to venture into sunscreens) and had a few things on my list to try.

  5. Whye Kendria
    Whye Kendria says:

    Loving this video! Can you do a video comparing different LV bags? 😀 I been struggling to decide which luxury bag to get. I am currently shopping repxbag.com which offers you so many choices !!

  6. Rebecca Darling
    Rebecca Darling says:

    Pretty please, what brand/name hair color creates the stunning bluer lavender on your right side? I kept having to rewind because I was staring at your hair! Actually both sides?

  7. Love Boston
    Love Boston says:

    Worked at Bloomingdales. Clinique would constantly be returned BUT the GWP that came with that purchase was never returned with it!!
    Love your channel and appreciate the reviews and commentary! Have a wonderful week!

  8. majestic beast
    majestic beast says:

    The Porefessional setting spray is my favorite setting spray. I have dry, dehydrated skin; occasionally oily T-zone in the summer, but mostly dry. I love the Porefessional spray because it provides that slight emolient effect to melt any powders together and helps extend the makeup wear time, BUT it doesn't leave that shiny/sticky finish most sprays leave.

  9. Nicole Schmucker
    Nicole Schmucker says:

    I have tried the smash box lipliner but Ina really dark shade… it wasn’t budge proof and is sharpenable I don’t like the colors either, I know wah wah wah

  10. Chrissy
    Chrissy says:

    Would love to see you do a YesStyle or Korean beauty/skincare/sunscreen sale video. What should we buy on sale and just in general awesome products. But consolidated into one video!

  11. IamBonnieBBon
    IamBonnieBBon says:

    Hi Alice! I have a quick question. I'm really interested in getting the kopari scrub… I'm the one that convinced you to try their cbd balm way back…anyway… I read a review on Ulta that said it leaves your tub a mess. I wouldn't use it to soak like she did, just in the shower. I didn't see anyone else mention that but before I spend the $20 I thought I'd ask. Does it leave a big mess?

  12. Lisa Smith
    Lisa Smith says:

    Alcohol and pure oil. It works. My Mom used to use Avon Skin so soft. It really worked. Have a wonderful weekend. You look beautiful ❌⭕

  13. Monique lindholm
    Monique lindholm says:

    I don’t know. What would be the reason for a skin care fridge?! I have tri-Luma which needs to be refrigerated. Is it really beneficial for a lot of products?

  14. Dr JEM
    Dr JEM says:

    I was thinking about the Indie Lee CoQ10 to replace my Timeless when it runs out. Between the Kopari scrub in the same and their new AHA one, which do you like better (I love the FAB AHA scrub)?

  15. None OfURbusiness
    None OfURbusiness says:

    Love 💘 ur eye makeup. Yes, know what it's like to scurry for "I don't know what makeup to use today!"
    REALLY appreciate hard work. Also, appreciate added touch of time stamps with each day of products.

  16. twentyøne used crybaby's
    twentyøne used crybaby's says:

    I've not really liked much in this sale I got 3 items so far and am getting the Indie Lee toner but that's probably all. I think if I wore more makeup I would've been very happy with these product choices.
    I am thinking about getting the PTR spf bc that moisturizer is my favorite💙 so I want to try it.

  17. Lindsay crystalhealing
    Lindsay crystalhealing says:

    I second your opinion on niacinamide! And I would greatly appreciate it if companies would stop adding it to every product for those of us who layer skincare and have horrible reactions to high percentages of the ingredient. That is all. Thank you. Lol

    Love your wig girl. 🦄

  18. Wendy F
    Wendy F says:

    Why did MAC reformulate something that has held holy grail status forever? I was late to the game for it but fell in love, only to not be able to repurchase it. I think the new one would still be better than the Glow Maniac – I’m still devastated Urban Decay discontinued the original Naked Skin Weightless – works for my 50 year old skin as well as my daughter when she was in high school. Reddit has threads of people looking for dupes, but despite people begging Urban Decay to bring it back they won’t, and nothing is close to a dupe I’ve found. It was PERFECTION.

  19. Kimberly Hacker
    Kimberly Hacker says:

    Btw… in relation to Sephora copying the Ulta Beauty Steals, Sephora has the Fresh Rose Deep Hydration Oil-Infused Serum instead of the Fresh Toner for half off.

  20. Katherine Jones
    Katherine Jones says:

    Btw for anyone buying the Buxom lips. There is a difference in the scent compared to the creams. I enjoy these glitter/sparkle version of the glosses because they have a peppermint vanilla shea smell. I’m from Los Angeles and when I placed the scent it reminds me of Main Street at Disneyland. I purchase for this reason alone. The enjoyment of the smell.😅😂

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