Full Body Laser Hair Removal for Black Girls


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My 2019 self care goal is to do full body laser hair removal. Have you tried laser hair removal?

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18 replies
  1. MalikJS18
    MalikJS18 says:

    Laser is about 75-95% permanent (depends on your body) and it has to be done REPEATEDLY, hair grows back slower and thinner than the previous time also the machine used doesn’t matter t the voltage of that machine matter, if it’s too low it work or won’t be too effective and if it’s too high it can burn and cause hyperpigmentation so it’s good to find someone that knows what they’re doing and that knows about skin

    electrolysis is permanent but money and time consuming

  2. jadakiss228
    jadakiss228 says:

    I did laser for my chin, neck, chest, and belly… It helped with the hair, it came back finer and then not at all… But the hair comes back 😦😦
    After like a year of finishing all my treatments the hair came back and then, idk if some new areas popped up or if these were already there… So you gotta do it and then get 'touch-ups' every now and then. 😕

  3. Okie
    Okie says:

    I did stomach and underarms two years ago only about 20% of hair grows back. I had thick curly course hairs. They now grow back baby soft and barely noticeable.. Now i want my legs done hoping it will help with the strawberry legs dots i hat.

  4. missbaraki4lyfe
    missbaraki4lyfe says:

    I have been getting laser hair removal since 2015.
    I started with full Brazilian and armpits.
    I have pcos so my grew back.
    I am currently doing full legs, full face, armpits and Brazilian laser hair removal. I do see good results. My legs are smooth, so is my pubic area.
    I go to different locations for each treatments.
    Would I say it’s permanent? Absolutely not.
    However, I rather pay and get laser hair removal because it has helped me tremendously. I am smooth as a baby’s bottom.
    Before I started laser hair removal, I grew thick hair all over my body. I had bad facial hair and bikini ingrown hair. I was self conscious about my body.
    Having Pcos made my hair grew faster so I need laser to keep the hair away. It is truly worth it for me.

  5. Rnjones2011
    Rnjones2011 says:

    I wish I could afford full body. Right now I do modified brazilian, lip, and jaw line. I’ve had multiple rounds with decent results. Not permanent but dramatically slowed. I touch up like twice a year.

  6. Barbara Simmons
    Barbara Simmons says:

    I can't wait until I can do this again. I started the treatments 6 years ago and stopped. It was totally worth it. I did about 5 treatments and the hair didn't grow back for a year. I moved and the place I was going to was a bit too far for me to travel to but, a friend just referred me to a spa closer to me that treats our skin type. I'm hoping to start back again this summer when I'm done breastfeeding. I'm over the pain of shaving and ingrown hairs. Please do updates on how the progress with the treatment is going ❤

  7. Edith Brady
    Edith Brady says:

    thank you for sharing this ! girl can you make a home tour video please because the background in your videos looks always fabulous even if it's a bit blurry. Love you !!!

  8. Gia West
    Gia West says:

    Hello my friend…lol. I can't wait to hear your continuing results.Do you know if there would be an effect on the closure of large hair follicles ? They sometimes call this strawberry legs.

    BARNES says:

    I tried this years ago, it did not work for me. Nowadays I wax myself at home monthly and that gives me the best results. The hair grows back thinner, and I rarely get ingrown hairs.

  10. Jocelyn M
    Jocelyn M says:

    I did two round of laser hair removal, it didn’t work for me 😔. I’m African American and they said it doesn’t work well for dark skin, my hair came back after 6 months. I would recommend doing one part of your body to see if the hair comes back. Because I wish I could get all of that money I spent back

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