NYC WORK VLOG: First Day Back in an Office in 2-years, Overall Experience, How I'm Feeling & More!


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Vlog Week Day 5!! It was my first time back in an office in 2-years and let’s just say it felt like a fever dream. Took you guys along with me throughout my day. Starting with getting ready in the morning, my commute, a few clips throughout the day, and then getting back home at the end of the long day. Talked about my overall experience and how I’m feeling. I hope you guys enjoy & don’t forget to subscribe if you haven’t already 🙂 xoxo – Han

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13 replies
  1. Randi Turner
    Randi Turner says:

    I prefer remote working way more than going in the office for all of the reasons you mentioned…my space, my food, etc. They made us all go back 1/3/22 and as I sat in my desk for the first time since 3/17/20, it was the weirdest feeling, Almost like the past 2 years didn't happen. My space was exactly the same. My wall calendar was on March 2020, my snack food was still in my drawers….. Don't worry, I got rid of that. It was just so odd.

  2. Mansoor Gaming
    Mansoor Gaming says:

    Hey! Hannah your vlogs are so so amazing and I really enjoyed watching your vlogs a lot you’re looking too gorgeous and I wish you reach 3K Subscribers very very soon!✨🙈♥️🥺😘🤗

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