Clean Makeup from the Drugstore


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I’m doing so much online shopping lately and I saw that the Target app has a clean makeup section. So, of course I placed a massive order of clean makeup that I’ve never tried before. It’s incredible how many brands are trying to keep their makeup clean. So grab a snack, sit back and do some online shopping with me, today’s video is a longer one.

Products Used/Mentioned:
*Eyeshadow Palette:
*Concealer (shades ivory and fair):
*Concealer Beauty Sponge:
*Mascara Primer:
*Foundation (Porcelain Ivory):
*Cream Bronzer:
*Cream Blush (Peony Pink):
*Cream Blush Palette:
*Cream Highlighter (Sheer Glow):
*Eyebrow Pencil (Taupe):*Eyebrow Gel (Blonde):
*Lip Liner (Nude):
*Lipstick Demi-Matte (Pippy):
*Lipstick Creamy (Creme):
*Affiliate Link from RewardStyle.

25 replies
  1. Alana Du Toit
    Alana Du Toit says:

    I love the elf bitesize palettes! I have cream and sugar and pumpkin pie and they're both so good! I would also recommend the bitesize cheek as well. Also have you tried the elf wow brow? I used to use the benefit gimme brow and now only use the elf one. It's just as good as the gimme brow for a fraction of the price! I actually like the colour better as well, not as red toned x

  2. September Rose
    September Rose says:

    I really wish “clean” was a regulated term. It really means whatever each cosmetic company defines it as, and can mean absolutely nothing. I do love videos on inexpensive cruelty free and vegan products. Would love to see that 😉

  3. Mandy Heart
    Mandy Heart says:

    The mascara actually has more product in it than the mascara primer has. The tubes are different sizes however that’s not what should be evaluated when judging product amounts – you have to look at the product detail to see exactly how much there is. Packaging can be deceiving!

  4. Empress Noel
    Empress Noel says:

    Please try the Elf eyeshadow pallet in jalapeño, I love the colors but would love to see how you apply them…I'm still trying to figure it out! As always thanks for the review and great info!

  5. Tralala Sparky
    Tralala Sparky says:

    Best brands: Tower 28, Lys Beauty, RMS, Phytosurgence, Merit, Kosas. There are so many that are trying to eliminate excess packaging, recyclable. I really enjoy when they combine make up and skin care. Another thing to look for is cruelty free. Loved this look on you! Fresh faced and glowing! Love the elf eye palettes ❤😊

  6. Susana Gomez
    Susana Gomez says:

    The elf sponge looks like Juno Cloud in a different shape.
    You should try the Juno Cloud sponges, you have the white one that I use for eyes and the black one that is a little tiny bit more dense maybe and I use it for foundation. They are around the 5€ mark (5,50$ ?)
    White one is like 0,50€ cheaper.
    But when on sale…you can get them for around 4€ (4,50$).
    In fact when they come on sale I buy 3 of each …and I got them until the next sale. My sponges last a month because I wash them after every single use and I wash them deeply.

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