Melasma & Hyperpigmentation Nighttime Skincare Routine Featuring NATURIUM | Skincare with Susan Yara


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I recently shared my current morning skincare routine and you guys asked for a nighttime version, so here it is! These are the products I use in my nighttime skincare routine to help reduce melasma and hyperpigmentation. Let me know what products you use for melasma in the comments! #naturium #naturiumskin #melasma

Morning Melasma Routine:
Milia Removal Skincare Routine:

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🔸 NATURIUM Fermented Camellia Creamy Cleansing Oil
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🔸 NATURIUM Niacinamide Cleansing Gelée 3%
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🔸 NATURIUM Alpha Arbutin Serum 2%
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🔸 NATURIUM Azelaic Acid Emulsion 10%
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🔸 NATURIUM Azelaic Topical Acid 10%
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🔸 NATURIUM Retinol Complex Cream
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🔸 Kate Somerville KateCeuticals Resurfacing Overnight Peel
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🔸 NATURIUM Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream
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🔸 Fresh Rose Petal Soft Lip Cream
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🔸 Heliocare Supplement
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00:00 Intro
1:29 Double Cleanse
05:33 Alpha Arbutin
06:33 Azelaic Acid
09:34 Retinoids
15:56 Moisturizer
18:10 Supplement

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  1. Kait Helfrick
    Kait Helfrick says:

    I can’t do prescription retinol at all without getting a migraine. How much retinol do you think is in your retinol complex? Do you think it’s more gentle than prescription?

  2. Misty Swiney
    Misty Swiney says:

    I love cleansers too and trying them in my night routines. I use the gentle ones at night and morning then every other morning I will use a salicylic acid and glycolic cleanser for gentle exfoliation and it works great.

  3. Nova Mesia
    Nova Mesia says:

    Hi maam is that product is available here in japan ? Because I have also melasma.I use a lot of products but it doesn’t suit me . Please help me

  4. Susan Kabuku
    Susan Kabuku says:

    Thank you this video. i developed melasma after i gave birth and it got worse with time. I just ordered your naturium alpha arbutin, azelaic acid and vitamic c complex on amazon and i cant wait to get started. Love from Kenya

  5. Kira B
    Kira B says:

    Can confirm that the retinol cream is awesome ! I have oily skin but I find that the plant ceramide cream after the retinol cream is excellent….and I donr mind being shiny at night since I wake up with baby smooth skin

  6. bdsaucer
    bdsaucer says:

    I struggle with hyperpigmentation too. My Derm recommends TCA Chemical Peel to help fade the appearance of it. I have had 2 of them in the past couple years and each time my skin looks and feels sooooooo much better. Sometimes it can take up to 5 or 6 treatments to get the desired results. I'm going to get another this fall (you shouldn't get them in the summer due to sun sensitivity from the peel) Is also helped with my acne too. I rarely get bad breakouts anymore. I will warn you that there is about a 5 day "ugly phase" because of the severe peeling of the skin, but your face looks soo pretty and fresh after. I think there are laser treatments too yo get rid of hyperpidmentation (I think they are alot more expensive though)

  7. Becca Lin
    Becca Lin says:

    Hello Susan.. Thank you for the very informative videos (AM and PM). Why do you use Tranexamic acid in AM routine but not your evening routine? Is it because of the retinoid?

  8. ktv
    ktv says:

    I have Melsma problem on my face too, I love love love to watch your video , I just follow your to order a prescription from Apostrophe, why I do not see that you have Hydroquinone in your prescription ?

  9. Selina Llamas
    Selina Llamas says:

    You should really try AlphaRet overnight cream by Skin Better Science. I’m an medical aesthetician and have never been able to use any kind of retinol because of irritation and this is the first one Iv been able to use on a nightly bases with zero irritation.

  10. Theresa McKenna
    Theresa McKenna says:

    Just ordered your Alpha Arbutin and Vitamin C!!! Excited to check out your products for the first time and more in the future! Full disclosure – I probably would have ordered more but I'm in a holding pattern until I know the full line that is being released by Hyram. ☺️ So excited for him and happy you both have your own line! Well deserved! 💚👏

  11. Tyresse Ferguson
    Tyresse Ferguson says:

    I layer the alpha arbutin w/ the vitamin c serum 3 nights a week and the tranexamic acid w/ the azelaic acid serum 3 nights a week to fade my hyperpigmentation and it has helped tremendously. I also combine the alpha arbutin essence w/ the Good Molecules vitamin c powder in the morning.

  12. Astral Romance
    Astral Romance says:

    You would benefit from TCA peels. Your melasma is not too severe, it wouldn't take too many treatments for you to get rid of it. This is from my experience, and my melasma was really, really bad. I got rid of it thanks to TCA peels, very little left on my jaw line.

  13. Bradley Bath
    Bradley Bath says:

    Hi. I’m sorry if this seems annoying but the mixed makeup logo is so off centre and all that and I don’t know if it’s intentional but I thought I’d just leave this here just in case.

  14. Jessica Thao
    Jessica Thao says:

    Susan I just saw this add on IG for a hyperpigmentation cream called “musley “ have you heard of it? What are your thoughts on high rated IG/Facebook add skincare products? Do they really work?

  15. blue
    blue says:

    In reality, no products can remove melasma. Because if there is, Susan's melasma should be gone by now with all the many products she use. All these are just for not to making it worst. I've been following her and it looks the same ti me. But she does have nice skin!

  16. Becky Morris
    Becky Morris says:

    Irritation can be a huge factor in melasma. Maybe try and simplify your routine. The red on your cheeks is definitely irritation. There’s just to much for your skin to handle xx

  17. Old Nan
    Old Nan says:

    You mentioned that you would not be speaking about the product that caused you to go Orange in several areas. I wish you would tells us what products didn’t work not just those that did. You could save us time and money by giving information on those products that could pose problems for us. Thank you, enjoy your videos.

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