Dr. Barbara Sturm's Morning Skincare Routine on #IWokeUpLikeThis | Harper's BAZAAR Arabia


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19 replies
  1. Sam Ris
    Sam Ris says:

    The most ridiculous and dishonest video i've ever seen!!! she literally just used $5000.00 or more worth of product to show her morning routine and just advertise her line!!!!!!!! The biggest joke ever, and unfortunately there are many people who buys these lies. i'm not hating on her, and i actually have tried some of her product before, and was't really impress by the result considering how much these products are priced at. Please do your research before wasting your money on brands that are over priced and under deliver.

  2. DTP i Typografia
    DTP i Typografia says:

    Hi, thank You for this film. What can you recommend me for problems with rosacea, sensitive and dehydrated skin? I mean a set of products for the care of demanding skin? Could You help me please? Regards

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