Trans girl gets Laser Hair removal


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Hello my Gorgeous friends
welcome to my channel my name is Toni Andrea and I make all kinds of videos that follow my transition journey. If that’s something that you are interested in then be ready to stick around and become a part of the family. I try and be as honest as I can with all of you, during the ups and downs.
in this video I’m brining you all along as I get my 8th laser hair removal treatment. everyones process will be different but if you want to have it done I fully support you. If you live in OC check out orange twist tell them Toni sent you.
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16 replies
  1. Kyra W
    Kyra W says:

    Hi GIRL. I had 2 sessions done out of 10 now with a diode laser. Mtf to btw. Only have some dark hairs on my upper lip and chin the rest is blond and super thin. Can't wait to get rid of that hair uhg. Greetings from Holland 😘

  2. Clay
    Clay says:

    Hi, I see that your facial hair disappeared.
    How much is one session of 45 min?
    Is it worth it if I have full dark facial hair?

  3. Phrog
    Phrog says:

    Your mic is trash, at first I was like damn is she even talking? 😭 love your vids, but I don’t love when I have the volume all the way up and an add pops up and my volume is so High just to hear your voice that my neighbors next to me bang on the wall❤️

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