Laser Treatment for unwanted hair and Bumps in Skin of Colour


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Unwanted hairs on the face and chin area is one very Pesky problem faced by a handful of women of colour. often times, these unwanted hairs tend to turn into ingrown hairs and bumps ( other wise known as pseudofolliculitis barbae) On today’s episode we show you how we tackle unwanted hairs, shaving bumps and hyperpigmentation associated with this, using a Laser device. Got any question on laser hair reduction? drop it in the comment section below


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  1. Freeyful
    Freeyful says:

    Wait so basically this woman is saying exact contrary to the articles online saying that laser hair removal is permanent with enough sessions?

  2. Tristie Tappin
    Tristie Tappin says:

    Do you have colleagues in NY who can perform this service? Nigeria is a bit of a ways away and too many travel restrictions. Please help! Is there a fee for consultation?

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