Lux Skin IPL Laser Hair Removal Review | 8 week UPDATE| Laser Hair Removal on Dark Skin


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Hey y’all!. This is my 8 week review on Lux Skin IPL laser hair removal device. I share the pros and cons of using the Lux Skin laser hair removal device. I will also discuss if the Lux Skin laser hair removal works on dark/black skin.

P R O D U C T S:



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  1. Alexandra Landry
    Alexandra Landry says:

    i’m so happy to find an honest review!! i am so close to buying this machine but i’m a bit confused… can you still use the machine if you get razor bumps. what i mean by that is if i shave before then get razor bumps… can i go over the razor bumps with the machine?

  2. Jaida Terry
    Jaida Terry says:

    I been using it since September 2020 it’s now 2021 it’ll be almost a year i see a difference it thinned out the hair I can tell the difference cuz my face hair was thick and I had ingrown hairs at first but I rarely get them now my skin don’t mark nomore from them I went from once a week on level two then twice a week on level three now my body use to it now I’m on level four don’t use level five right off back cuz it will burn u ik trust me

  3. Miss CurlyHead TV
    Miss CurlyHead TV says:

    I really enjoyed this you and this video! When you said "If I could show y'all down there I would" 😂😂😂 but first off, sis you are beautiful! your skin is glowing so I could only imagine how the rest of you looks from using this! You definitely helped with my decision cause I have been debating for weeks now! Thank you for this ❤️

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