Laser Hair Removal at Home | Permanent Hair Removal Using IPL laser

Laser Hair Removal at Home, Permanent Hair Removal || IPL Laser Treatment

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As you all know i”ve already got Laser hair removal done on few of my body parts at a clinic using those big machines, a doctor, laser glasses & what not.. & now this gadget was such a big change , I mean at home ?? Like seriously without any help i had 100″s of questions in my head & fear of what if i don’t use it correctly & end up getting skin burns …& that’s the reason i decided to share my entire experience with you guys showcasing a few of my sessions & some things i learnt in process…


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  1. Suman Kothari
    Suman Kothari says:

    Have you ever thought of getting permanent Laser done ??? Toh Saare sunooo bohot hi mast video banaya hai chup chap puraa dekhna if you planning to get Laser Hair Removal, end of the video I’ve also mentioned things that you need to keep in mind Toh bina dekhe bus muh uthakar ye gadget buy math krna …. watch the complete video & then decide 😘❤️

    Let me know your thoughts after all itni mehnat lagi hai Iss video mai !

  2. Kiran Mahar
    Kiran Mahar says:

    Hy pain feel hua?? Same happened to mee i tried laser in clinic but aftr 5sessiom nothing happening, thy grow same i tried laser on my unde erm nd bikini area but aftr 5session whn i stopped thy growing samee..i used to face alot of burning nd pain that's why m scarsd of trying before buying please tell me if it feels heat nd pain because m such a loser i cnt hurt myself, i ussd to crying alot duribg my bikini sessions because thick hair nd dark areaa

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