UPDATE on My At Home Laser Hair Removal | Sarah Rae Vargas


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44 replies
  1. Alys
    Alys says:

    Awe! I remember when you picked up your fur babies 😊 they were so little. She’s so big now and adorable! I love how she busts in the room every time you film❤️😂

  2. Bumbleroo
    Bumbleroo says:

    If you ever do use it for a while on your underarms or bikini area, let us know how that turns out! Those are always my most troublesome areas, because of the coarse hair (with my fair, stupidly sensitive skin) – I always get ingrowns or bumps… And sugaring is so painful for me! So curious if something like this would work well on those areas for me!

  3. A Loz
    A Loz says:

    So do you think your skin will get to a point that you don’t have to use it? So does the hair stop growing in altogether?

  4. Raiza
    Raiza says:

    I get my arms lasered and thought I’d share a tip! Something she does is use a white eye pencil to draw lines on my arms, horizontally and vertically, just a couple. This way there are areas on my arms for her to work with and she can laser each area and she’s sure she doesn’t miss any parts of my arms.

  5. IzzaPenguin
    IzzaPenguin says:

    So anyone that see's this comment and has issues with flashing lights, would this product be difficult for you? I didn't realize how much you can see of it when it pulses so I was curious.

  6. Jan Vann
    Jan Vann says:

    I’ve been wanting this for so long but I just didn’t know if I could trust the other reviewers… I definitely just ordered one on your review! Thank you!!🥳

  7. Emilia
    Emilia says:

    How about just being fine with the fact that hair grows on women's bodies? I know, crazy! 😀
    I wish we would stop with this beauty standard 🙁

  8. VRod💕
    VRod💕 says:

    😅 you sound like me..I love pampering myself but I hate waiting my time doing it.. I hate sitting at the salon, sitting at the hair salon, and driving to these places.. lol

  9. chandra reed
    chandra reed says:

    I know you had the band on your stomach done but i had my RNY and because of the dramatic weight loss i dont have hair on my legs anymore. I love it not complaining but yea i used to have to shave my legs all the time and now nothing but just my legs i have hair everywhere else ..lol Its been 16 years since the RNY and i have gained weight back but im good and happy with myself..

  10. kellkell0001
    kellkell0001 says:

    Lmao! You talking about epilators! I use an epilator and love it. Just started using on bikini area and it is….an adjustment 🤣😂🥺🤣.

  11. makeupjunkie83
    makeupjunkie83 says:

    This is definitely on my xmas list, I have to shave every 2 days and I have hair growth on my chin from pcos and I've heard it still works. I cannot wait 😊 Also I love your makeup, beautiful as always.

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