👣Curling Wavy PINCHING TOENAILS How to Clean & Restore👣


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This video is about Curling Wavy PINCHING TOENAILS How to Clean & Restore

This is an out-of-state client’s first visit! She will return a handful more times. Watch her toenail transformation from pinching, curling, wavy, toenails to pretty and perfect!

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44 replies
  1. Kenma Kozume
    Kenma Kozume says:

    I used to have so many things wrong with my toenails and feet but thanks to all your videos I have been able to save my feet and my boyfriends feet from being extremely dry and cracked and the nails from being ingrown and discolored. I can't thank yoo enough for it i love your videos so much much love from a North Carolina fan!!🥰

  2. Heather sargent
    Heather sargent says:

    This was super satisfying. She was so sweet. You should tell this client to go to the utube channel growwithjo she does amazing workouts and you can do it inside and they are really afftive alot of in place walking with added stuff and you will burn the calories , I know it's hard when u work live in a smaller place but with her stuff u can do it anytime of day or night don't need alot of room and you will see results.

  3. Teresa Beard
    Teresa Beard says:

    Wow you ate wonderful i live in uk i hsve a similar problem with my nails but not so bad as this lovely lady im to embarrassed to go anyone, i don't think they would be so kind understanding as you, i also have a verruca i have tried everything to get rid of it i even had drops of my doctor but didn't work i keep filling it and cutting it down I've tried all remedies have had it for about 7 years has anyone ever got rid of one or more ideas if so please let me know thank you

  4. Marina Sharma
    Marina Sharma says:

    Педикюр выполнен очень плохо! У клиента проблемы с ногтями, там ещё много надо чистить. Если вы считаете что работа выполнена хорошо, посмотрите работу мастеров в других странах. Этому мастеру ещё много надо учиться у других, хороших иастеров!

  5. Mothernature
    Mothernature says:

    I love this lady🥰 I’m looking forward to seeing her progress. This is one of my favorite videos and so satisfying to see the results ❤️

  6. Mark W
    Mark W says:

    i think you are doing an amazing job, but don't you think she should go see a podiatrist in her home state to take care of the toenails

  7. Sara Anderson
    Sara Anderson says:

    I'm a LPN and do pedi home health. I love my job but I have a huge heart for my elderly patients? This peeks my curiosity and I think I would enjoy helping people in this area. Where do I start?

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