👣How To Pedicure Transformation for Men on Detached Toenails👣


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This video is about How To Pedicure Transformation for Men on Detached Toenails. In today’s video, I’m going to explain how and why toenails, whether they are detached or ingrown, can change and how to restore them back to their original comfortable shape, a pedicure transformation. This client has a follow up appointment so you will get to see progress! Enjoy how to pedicure ASMR, learn to DIY toenail and foot care on yourself or your loved ones at home. While this may not be an ingrown toenail, it is still an intriguing pedicure experience! So, stay tuned.

📌Shortened Video: https://youtu.be/pX46bXwAqQ4

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30 replies
  1. MariosBadHabit
    MariosBadHabit says:

    Is it ever awkward when you're sitting there massaging some persons foot in complete silence? I would be feeling so uncomfortable 😂 Where do you look? Do you just keep your eyes on the feet? I'd be so awkward and weird 😂 I'd be making sure to NOT make any eye contact while I'm passionately messaging a persons foot. 😂😂😂 I'd imagine you have probably just gotten used to that. Or is that something that you do sometimes deal with still?

  2. Ce Ce Duplessis
    Ce Ce Duplessis says:

    I have a big toe nail that has detach half way. It has been cut to the lowest and still has yet to reattach. Been like this for years. I've suffered trauma to my other toe that was detached and was told it will never grow back. Could you possibly provide any guidance on saving my last hope of a big toe?

  3. Nunya Biznez
    Nunya Biznez says:

    I love how you make your clients feel like they've known you forever and that they can trust you; you listen to them and you're there to help them with their feet issues without being judgemental. That means a whole lot to a customer.

  4. Ariel M
    Ariel M says:

    As someone who deals with chronic health issues, I really love these videos. I focus so much on how satisfying the gunk removal is and the water sounds and I can almost forget any discomfort im in. It helps me feel calm. Thank you for your videos, Lori 💖

  5. Paula Burriss
    Paula Burriss says:

    Thanks again for all the information, techniques and proper tools !!! I was doing EVERYTHING wrong for many years and I didn't see any hope but my toes are almost "normal " and healthy after nearly 20 yrs

  6. Paula Burriss
    Paula Burriss says:

    I have learned sooo much from you Lori and I appreciate all the information!!! I have fixed my problem toenails that weren't at all what I thought for nearly 20 yrs!!!! There unfortunately isn't anyone like you in my area so watching your videos has been miraculous!!!!!! You really should add that term to your name!!!!!!Thanks a million!!!!!#Lorifixedmytoenails!😃😁🥰

  7. Level 7 Nails
    Level 7 Nails says:

    I am an aspiring nail tech. I begin nail school next week. I would like to specialize in extravagant nail art and treatment pedicures. I plan to watch everyone of your videos! I also will probably buy your e-file and some other products soon. I'm wondering, how much did you charge this client for this session?

  8. Jane Smith
    Jane Smith says:

    Wait..what?!?! You are a michigander?!?! I heard you say detroit!!! Yeah I'm on the other side of the state but I'd pay for my diabetic mom to get her poor feet done by a real professional like you!!!! I love my mom!!!

  9. Women’s rights fan
    Women’s rights fan says:

    Last year I found something on the floor, I thought I know that colour, but it was a nail polish colour. I was puzzled for a few minutes. Then I thought maybe my toenail has come off 🤢 A few years before that my nails were pulled my the inside of a shoe, my second toe is the longest and it had damaged my right one.
    It turns out that my nail had grown a new nail under it. My nail had removed it like a snake shedding its skin 😂 it was a perfect fit too.

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