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Acrylic unicorn nail tutorial diy horn nail
This video I sculpt pointy nails in a full set. We did pastel Unicorn themed nails with a 3D Unicorn horn, cloud marbling and a #notpolish rainbow took 3 hours with filming but I loved the end result. What do you want to see next?

Detailed prep video:

Floral paper background made by

The Nail Team:
Angel stars:

Angel paper:

Unicorn flakes:


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33 replies
  1. Technicolor-mom
    Technicolor-mom says:

    I love them a lot. Is their a way to not so fragile? At the salon it was so pointy it cut flesh. I tried gel but it broke anyway. What do I tell the stylist to make the nail stronger?

  2. Nicky Narbin
    Nicky Narbin says:

    I don’t know if it’s an optical illusion but I find that short pointy nails appear broad at the base – I don’t know – it’s not only this set – is that the way they are supposed to look – I don’t do acrylic nails although I am thing of getting my own done so am checking out the options – I think so far that I prefer coffin shaped or squarish – I loved Sarah,s nails

  3. Heather W.
    Heather W. says:

    These are gorgeous and your explanations of everything you do (and why) are fabulous. You're so extremely detailed that there is no confusion and it's much easier to practice your techniques and suggestions than some other nail tutorials that maybe aren't as detail oriented as you are. Thank you for taking your time and doing such a great job with these tutorials. One quick question.. what is the difference between using the hard gel to make the lines for the unicorn horns or using acrylic for them instead or it's it just a preference ? I use acrylic but wanted to know because if the gel is easier or something then I would switch. Thank you for yet another excellent tutorial and stunning set of nails.

  4. iona walker
    iona walker says:

    Gorgeous 💖😍💖😍💖!! Most definitely different, I preferred the left hand, there was more shine to that unicorn horn and I think it made it stand out more. Absolutely loved the whole design though 😍💖😘

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