*HONEST* UNSPONSORED Kenzzi Review | IPL Laser Hair Removal


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Hey guys! Today I give my HONEST, UNSPONSORED review of the Kenzzi IPL at home laser hair removal device. I have used this for 13 consecutive weeks at the time this video was made.

(Order at your own risk)
Kenzzi Website:

Place I get laser hair removal in Toronto (Dr. Beber):

FTC disclosure: This video is NOT sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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  1. cc
    cc says:

    I have been using this device for 4 weeks now. Using it for underarms and bikini area at highest level. I was not excited to shave for this since I've been waxing for years and get razor burn. So far, seems like there is no difference. My skin now has ingrown hairs that ive been able to avoid with waxing. I am going to continue for a few more weeks but think I'll end up scheduling pro laser hair removal and count this as a loss.

  2. Incorrigible Texan
    Incorrigible Texan says:

    I have been using for 8 weeks religiously. I’m a light skin tone and dark hair. It should work perfect y for me. I have seen zero results. No decrease in underarm or bikini line hair. None. I am doing one leg and not the other so I can compare: no difference. I have some freckles on the treatment leg. No change in those either. So for me, a complete fail. Yes was using level 5😞

  3. JohnnyNordx
    JohnnyNordx says:

    Thx for the review look on other brand user manual (Braun Silk expert Pro 5) and it also just say in 12 weekly treatments, that most get around 30% to 44% hair reduction.

    And what I know professional laser removal remove 80% amount hair in same period of time. (12 weeks = 2.7 month)

  4. M B
    M B says:

    Hi I’m confused you said you still have to shave everyday, aren’t you supposed to let your hair grow and then shave it a day before you use kenzzi once a week? Maybe shaving everyday messed up with your anagen phase growth stages? I’m not sure exactly about the science but I’m just wondering

  5. lady2014
    lady2014 says:

    Thanks for the review. So… are you saying this needs to be plugged in to work? I thought it was a charger 🙄 no wonder I was pushing the button same as you but I thought it was because it needed to be charged.

  6. lianesophie
    lianesophie says:

    Please be aware of being charged high custom fees (21,40€ from China to Europe). On top of that I was quite disappointed of the device itself because it didn’t work properly from the beginning on and the fact that there’s no option to get a refund (or at least part of it) doesn’t speak for Kenzzi aswell.

  7. FranTheiss
    FranTheiss says:

    Kenzzi Terrible company! My device broke and they took 4 months to answer me. Now is summer and they do not want give my money back ! 😡😡 Terrible do not buy it!

  8. FranTheiss
    FranTheiss says:

    Kenzii Terrible company! My device broke and they took 4 months to answer me. Now is summer and they do not want give my money back ! 😡😡 Terrible do not buy it!

  9. TheQueen
    TheQueen says:

    Thank you for this review. I was just about to buy it. Fuck that. I also live in Canada! I was thinking about getting one that's more high end like the Phillips one.. but idk what do you think?

  10. V K
    V K says:

    Finally an honest review that somewhat mirrors my experience. It made my hair grow back faster and thicker. Fifteen weeks. Ships from hongkong. There's so many problems here.

  11. Apache helicopter
    Apache helicopter says:

    DO NOT BUY: as a pre-importation product, when it arrives you must pay import taxes and vat (in my case, 36 euro). The first device broke mid second session, they sent me a replacement which took its sweet time to arrive (plus another 36 euro of import tax) and stopped functioning right away after turning it on. Kenzzi has refunded me but I'm still 72 euro in the hole (which I will never get back). As a consumer, you simply can't win here: if the machine stops working or is defectuous you are made to bear the import cost everytime.. Which I find unfair because I'm not responsible for their products malfunctioning.. Not sure you but in covid times 72 euros are a lot to lose..

    Be smarter than me and buy locally from a trusted vendor!

  12. Sarah Fincannon
    Sarah Fincannon says:

    I had the same results. Totally not worth it. Think the people schilling it are full of shit. I have fair skin and dark body hair. I’m about 12 weeks in and no results. Maybeeeeee the slightest slowdown but still have to shave everyday.

  13. Alicia Herrle
    Alicia Herrle says:

    a couple years ago i bought this exact same ipl off some cheap chinese website for like $80 and it didn't really work so i stopped using it and then all of the sudden i start seeing this same ipl everywhere but with the kenzzi logo slapped on it so that pretty much confirmed for me that its a scam

  14. Adele La.Adiona
    Adele La.Adiona says:

    Finally an honest and competent review! Especially regarding the melasma part! I can’t believe some influencers are actually recommending it for that purpose so irresponsibly! Thank you!

  15. Nela Rozic
    Nela Rozic says:

    I have the same problem as you with it not turning on! I will try getting another adapter for my socket since I’m in Europe so I can’t just plug it in because we have different sockets here, I hope it at least turns on because this is an expensive product + the customs. Ugh 🤦‍♀️

  16. Hello Gregory Official
    Hello Gregory Official says:

    Thanks for this! I'm actually in the process of filming my review right now that I'll be posting here next week!
    My device also wasn't turning on either. turns out there is a short in the wire. I have to bend the wire a certain way for it to work. I've emailed them.

  17. Kelsey M
    Kelsey M says:

    Absolutely horrible company!!!! I purchased this product February 9th and it STILL HAS NOT SHIPPED!!! They haven’t even sent a courtesy email stating the my shipment will be heavily delayed!!! Stupid as fuck company!

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