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In this video I show you the results of using two of the highest rated self tanners out there, St. Tropica Self Tan Classic Kit and their Express Self Tan Mist. I’m so pleased sent me these self tanners for the video. SkinStore allowed me to choose from any of their self tanning products. After doing lots of research, I selected these self tanners from St. Tropica due to their hundreds of extremely positive reviews. In terms of the Express Self Tan Mist, I show you my self tanner application every step of the way, including showing you how it worked over time.

If you have great self tanning products you love, or if you have tips on how to apply the perfect self tan, I hope you will share them in the comments section below the video. In this way, we can help each other! XXOO Beth

WELCOME TO FIFTY PLUS BEAUTY! This channel is all about mature beauty and skincare, anti-aging, dealing with wrinkles, how to use Retin-a, mature fitness and wardrobe tips for women over 50. All my videos are about the challenges we face as a mature woman. Let’s make our second half our best half! XXOO Beth




Tree Hut Cotton Candy Shea Sugar Scrub

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St. Tropez Self Tan Express Mist

St. Tropez Classic Tan Kit



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Loreal Loose Powder

CT Air Brushed Flawless Finish Pressed Powder in Medium

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in 40 Nude

Milani Conceal + Perfect in Natural Light (concealer)

Elf Cosmetics Hydrating Camo Concealer (medium peach w peach undertones)

Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

Natasha Denona Glam Eyeshadow

Mark Jacobs Velvet Noir Mascara

PUR Arch Nemesis Brow Pencil in Light

Chanel Joues Contraste Blush in Rose Fetale

Flower Beauty Foreverwear Eyeliner in Saphire

MAC Lipstick in You Wouldn’t Get It

Milani Understatement Lipliner in Nude Elegance

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Plumper in Pillow Talk

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47 replies
  1. Cindy Pass
    Cindy Pass says:

    I enjoy the St. Tropez because it doesn't turn orange on me at all. You always look so pretty, with or without a tan. I love your gold necklace and have been on the hunt for a chunky one like that. Do you mind sharing where you got it?

  2. BKD
    BKD says:

    I have, what the dermatologist calls, sebhoric keratosis & sunless tanner sticks on these little dry spots allover my legs. Do you know anything about them? It started in my 30s & has spread on my legs.. they're flat, so exfoliating doesn't help..ive tried searching an internal reason/cure for them.☹️

  3. Savvy's 2nd Act. Beauty & Vibrance over 50.
    Savvy's 2nd Act. Beauty & Vibrance over 50. says:

    You pretty Kansas sunflower you! Last summer due to Covid stay home order, I didn't self tan (I never regular tan) but this year going back to Tan Spa or my very fave Tan physics. & Yes Love Skin Store. They Rock. I like the Jergen self to keep the other 2 other self tan products I use FRESH. They have one that has an SPF so I like that! & Malibu Aging Barbie!!! Omg that was funny not negative. Girl, I am just LOLing. There is a famous middle aged blonde here in L A who is sometimes just not very kind (to her fans) when she is out in public & I call her Menopausal Barbie!! Hey humor helps right? Awesome video as usual.

  4. Laurie Paris
    Laurie Paris says:

    Hi Beth, I came for the tanner tutorial, but was impressed by how tightened and toned your body has become! Especially your arms! Are you still doing the derma roller? Really fabulous results, whatever you are doing it looks so good on you. Thanks for sharing the tanning tips. 🌸

  5. patty herdlick
    patty herdlick says:

    I have used Vita Liberata Luxury Tan Mousse with Marula Oil in the Dark for years. I am Fair/Medium skin. I tried so many self tanners and this one works the best for me. St. Tropez didn’t work for me, but it looked good on you.
    I use that on my legs and the Josie Maran Argan Liquid Gold Self Tanning Oil on my arms and sometimes my face, but I have some age spots so I use it lightly. I am 60 and neither one of these products dry out my skin.

  6. Lori Moore
    Lori Moore says:

    Just found you an subscribed! I love the videos an the variety of topics, I especially like your tips at the end. You really deal with yourself an your subscribers as multi dimensional beings an not just one dimensional, that being how we look. You feed the physical, our looks but also how we feel an who we are. I love it!e
    I wanted to add that your dermatologist video from January didn't allow me to comment, no comments showed up so I wanted to add this here in regards to the tip at the end……
    That whole thing that we dislike in others things we have in ourselves has been a catchy saying which is good because we look at ourselves instead of others an it's hard to be critical once we are focused on our shortcomings. However I never believed this, in opinion the people who frustrate us the most are people who have a strength we do not have an when we see someone else with this we realize it's possible therefore revealing our failure an nobody wants that. Another reason is because they are weak where we are strong, so if you meet a women that is passive an let's people run over her it frustrates us because we are the opposite. We yield at times but speak up when needed. The people who are like us in good an bad qualities we tend to migrate to. I am blunt an go headfirst into everything an I love people who are the same way no candy coating just tell me the truth. I am self aware an love the same when people can't admit their faults it drives me crazy because we all have issues an admitting them is something that endears me to people. I dislike people who are perfectionists because I am not but wish I was so I criticize that in others because I fall short. So that's my two cents. I will be binging your video's now an can't wait!

  7. Pichellinko Andersson
    Pichellinko Andersson says:

    I can’t forget that time on the beach in Spain in January. Packed full of tourists in various degrees of white and light brown and some dark brown, and just in the middle of all those bodies was an orange one. A rather big body as well, so it was very visible and VERY orange. I tried not to look, but it was very hard not to get fascinated by the carrot color. I have no idea if it was self tanning or beta carotene but it really stood out like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Poor lady.

    I can’t wait til COVID is over. I’m usually turning dark brown in a day, my skin reacts instantly to sun, but now I’m whiter than white suffering in the cold and rain. Having a tan makes everyone look better, healthier and happier. You looked wonderful and the tan was perfect! Well done!

  8. Deanna Leigh Smith
    Deanna Leigh Smith says:

    Tan looks so good!! For my face, elbows, knees, feet and hands I use what is left on mitt after an application and it gives such a natural look…especially for the face!
    Also someone mentioned age spots getting darker, dab a little lotion on those spots pre self tan! Thanks for all the great posts Beth💗

  9. Bethel
    Bethel says:

    Hello pretty Beth I love all of your videos, I' ve watching again the video about alcoholism and again thanks for sharing, is helpful

  10. Timothy Sherrey Ehler
    Timothy Sherrey Ehler says:

    I am extremely pale, and growing up, I only burned when I went out in the sun. After a trip to Antiqua, I was then able to tan, and unfortunately, I did sunbathe, and go to tanning beds for several years of my twenties. I totally stopped doing that at twenty-five, and I'm glad I did, because my skin didn't age too badly as a result. I just don't feel the need to self tan now; it is too much of a bother for me to regularly go through the process every five to seven days of dyeing my skin. I went once to be professionally sprayed for a wedding, and every razor line showed up on my legs so I wasn't impressed! I'll let the rest of you go through the motions, but I'll stay 'lily white' by choice! Have a lovely weekend; love, and hugs, Beth, Sherrey💕

  11. Janet W
    Janet W says:

    Please be careful of the ingredients in this kind of product. Many have carcinogenic ingredients. The best tanning is from the sun.I spend a half hour every day in the sun….the best way of getting vitamin D! If you are not aware that time in the sun is healthy….making sure you do not burn, then I suggest you read Dr. Ken D. Berry’s book “Lies My Doctor Me”.

  12. Suzi Hazlove
    Suzi Hazlove says:

    When will you share the fountain of youth, you've been🏊‍♀️ swimming in??? Lol
    with that cute little👙 figure if yours?..
    my God, your skin on your chest has no wrinkles or chicken skin. Your neck is so tight!!!! I wish I didn't have lose skin. Uggg.
    You are doing great job keeping yourself up. 💞

  13. Jane Kraft
    Jane Kraft says:

    I wanted to use a self Tanner but, I'm taking bioidentical hormones and the estrogen has put patches of brown spots all over. I try to wear long sleeves as darker skin would make me look dirty. Any ideas on how to have a glow with out stopping the hormones?

  14. Nana Stirt
    Nana Stirt says:

    You are so blessed not to have any brown spots. I have them all over my body. Do you think using a self tanner would darken the brown spots you already have?

  15. john james
    john james says:

    Hi Beth – another great video – you’re so funny! Anyway the product is sold out but that’s ok – I have a nice self tanner but I’m always looking to try new ones. I use Vita Liberata self tanner which is great and their body blur which is good at hiding the age spots you can get when self tanning. Vita Liberata can be purchased at Nordstrom and again the body blur can be worn alone or over the self tanner. Gives a great glow and will cover age spots! Carol from Syracuse NY

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