My American Psycho Skincare Routine [Killer Morning Regimen]


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47 replies
  1. Jay Lamm
    Jay Lamm says:

    My son in law is a high risk OB/GYN
    and head of MFM at the hospital.
    He does a very long skin care routine
    And straight razor shave.
    It’s his meditation time.
    The only time that he’s not rushing to save a baby or mother. Or helping his children with activities.
    All this to say: this can be as good for us mentally as it is physically.

  2. Mountain Smithy
    Mountain Smithy says:

    Impressive. Very nice… Let's see Paul Allen's channel.

    For real though, every time Antonio talks at length about soaps and moisturizing products, I think of that morning routine scene from American Psycho. I am very happy you guys made this, haha.

  3. T1
    T1 says:

    Haven’t even watched it yet but I can tell I’m gonna watch this 100 times in a row was waiting for u tmf Alex costa or somone to do this and u did it could not have been better

  4. Matthew
    Matthew says:

    Hey Antonio! I’ve been a viewer for about two years now and I constantly hear about Vitaman products, especially in this video. They sound great but I have never used any of their products. What do you recommend I look into getting first?

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