👣Tools for INGROWN TOENAILS & How to Prevent👣


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This video is about Tools for INGROWN TOENAILS & How to Prevent

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39 replies
  1. Nunya Biznez
    Nunya Biznez says:

    Watching you relaxes me! I love how you solve so many problem with people's feet and it interests me and I learned just watching how to fix feet problems. I would love to see a video of one client's journey/follow up visits to healing her feet problem. It would be a nice addition.

  2. cmdub97
    cmdub97 says:

    A tip for nails that crack or break is to lay a cut to size portion of tea bags (unused) over the split and when it's set somewhat in place add a drop of super glue/nail glue. Then add a drop at a time as needed until it's covered. Once dry, hand file smooth.

  3. Bridgette Allen Williams
    Bridgette Allen Williams says:

    All these years I thought you were supposed to cut the big toe nail straight across. I have that little extra piece of at the corner of my big toes. I've always been scared to cut them off. I'm going to do it now!

  4. Sandra Maez
    Sandra Maez says:

    Lori I wish they did more of what you teach in school..maybe I would have kept up with being a Nail Thec, just got disappointed see so many places trying to rush and hurry to make money forgetting what the trade is about. You hav shower another side of what it should be and how clients will pay more for the right service. Thank you so much…
    Love the tools you use I hope one day to be able to purchase your kit

  5. Kathie Hein
    Kathie Hein says:

    I bought the Deluxe Pedicure Kit and a sidewall rasp. It is a great investment. I retired my old nail clippers, the wooden “orange sticks”, and learned to properly use these stainless steel tools by watching these videos. My toenails are looking cleaner and a lot nicer.

  6. Linda Will
    Linda Will says:

    I was watching the video and I have a question. With the big toe nail, how come you didn't build out the nail on the one side with gel to make it even with the rest of the nail. Wouldn't that help with making the indent to where the nail grows out from.

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