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Please do your research before hand. Everybody reacts differently.
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14 replies
  1. Leslie Hammons
    Leslie Hammons says:

    Omg. Yes laser burns so bad. I have done armpits. Upper legs and bikini. Definitely smell the hairs burning and it really does suck. I go to Ideal Image. They have said that areas where the hair growth is thinner, it won’t hurt as bad so if your leg hair is thinner that’s why your legs didn’t hurt as bad. It’s definitely not super permanent but it does lessen the hair growth and thins the hair out.

  2. Mae Joe
    Mae Joe says:

    The first time it was painful in the under arm and between the legs but then it cooled down for the sessions two and three. Now the pain is back and with them going up it will continue to be painful. Between my legs is the number one spot for pain especially if they want to get up all in there. Second under arms and my legs which use to not be painful is starting to get there in some spots.

  3. Keema Marie
    Keema Marie says:

    The first session is the most painful but it gets easier! lol you’ll notice the hairs starting to fall out over the next coming weeks. The armpit was the most painful for me too

  4. Jen C
    Jen C says:

    Dang girl! You did it! You rocked right through it! Now the rest should be easier since your mind and body recorded the pain level for you. Hope it works. I've never done it…I'll stick to shaving lol. Thanks for sharing. Blessings~

  5. Selflove_forever
    Selflove_forever says:

    I did laser and I’m in Cali at SEV. It’s not very expensive about 10 dollars a session for chin. I’ve seen great results on my chin, abdomen and Brazilian area. It grows back very slow or not at all. I’ve been going about a year now.

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