Best Natural Looking Self Tanner to get a JLo Inspired Glow ✨


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Hi Peeps! Jennifer Lopez is my queeeeeeeen!! I always get asked if I’ve been to the beach, if I did yard work over the weekend or if I’ve been on holiday. NOPE! I just have fake tan products that I love and see natural results with.

Tanning water:

Tanning mousse:

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I take you through my self tanning routine, my recommendations for using the products and also makeup hacks to take the look just a little bit further. The makeup just helps to even out your complexion and get it glowing and dewy.

Remember my peeps, to not only be kind but to also practice safe sun! This is a much safer way to get that glow and preserve your skin’s integrity in the long run!


Camera Used: Canon Rebel T7i
Editing System Used: Final Cut Pro X
Editor: ME!!

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5 replies
  1. white1980
    white1980 says:

    The amount of concealer you applied ,it's enough to cover all face it's kind of the same as using foundation ,you didn't used just in small areas but in all face not that I care I would also,I have tried to just apply small amount of concealer in my face on top of my self tan on little imperfections and I felt it looks better if blend it all around all my face..

  2. Talia Jenkins
    Talia Jenkins says:

    As a half brown gal I approve! I can be super pale in the winter and my legs be reflecting the sun like none other. I have their tanning mousse for my legs. And I use blue Mercury gradual self tan for everywhere else, it’s not very intense but just gives you a glowww

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