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25 replies
  1. Sharaine Glover
    Sharaine Glover says:

    Question, I’ve been having most of my issues with around the cuticle area with applying the acrylic. Everything else I have down pack.. could it also be the monomer I’m using also??

  2. Victoria Thomascik
    Victoria Thomascik says:

    This was a super cute concept.. but I think you should of made the white lines a lot thinner and a bit more spaced out.. just like you said it bloomed really fast.. so they ended up kinda just turning into all white nails with very teeny tiny skin tones lines between the white.. so in the end it just bloomed to much and didn’t really look like snake skin if you know what I mean?? 😔 that’s why I clicked on this video Bc I saw the thumbnail and was like did she mean for these to be snake skin nails but kinda didn’t work out to well? I was right.. but like said definitely super cute idea! I love um! Just next time don’t make such huge thick rectangles and space the white lines out a little bit farther next time.. thanks for sharing hun 🥰🥰

  3. Latimore Shenii333
    Latimore Shenii333 says:

    No disrespect, but y'all are playing a very dangerous game being around other people right after having covid. I don't care how many days they tell you until you are supposedly "safe," I would've waited a little longer before subjecting my clients to that. You're playing Russian Roulette with people's lives. Not cool Natalie

  4. Hi
    Hi says:

    I tried to look for a nail kit and like a fake prosthetic hand or finder and I couldn’t see any that were my budget

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