10 Things Influencers Didn't Tell Me About Kenzzi…


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10 Things Influencers Didn’t Tell Me About Kenzzi… https://kenzzi.com/products/kenzzi-ipl-laser-hair-removal-handset?ref=IPL50 If you believe this device is a match for your hairy parts, feel free to use code IPL50 (for $50 off) This brutally honest review/before and after shows the whole process https://kenzzi.com/products/kenzzi-ipl-laser-hair-removal-handset?ref=IPL50 If you believe this device is a match for your hairy parts, feel free to use code IPL50 (for $50 off). It’s a pleasure to be partnering with Kenzzi on this video, however, (as always) partnerships do not sway my opinions, authentic before/afters, and can’t change my results. Watch the original video, documenting the whole process here! https://youtu.be/00YHLND8jk0

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1:45 Light, not Laser!
2:22 Ankles Knees & Toes (Knees & Toes)
3:41 How Long It Actually Takes To Start Working
5:00 What To Expect From Hair Reduction & Growth
6:45 Razor Bumps?
7:53 Exfoliationssss?
8:25 What Fitzpatrick Types It Does (& Doesn’t Work For)
9:37 If You Scar Easily, This May Not Be For You!
10:21 Medications
11: 45 Sunscreen
12:23 Returns
13:00 Heating Up & Burns?
13:35 Don’t Pay Full Price

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47 replies
    BLONDDIEV 87 says:

    Can u please 🙏🏽please make a video on shaving routine and what techniques do u do use or do this would mean the world to me I have very difficult time with razors and after shave issues 🥺

  2. nancerella2000
    nancerella2000 says:

    I was planning on using this on my face, but I use topical clindamycin. I didn't realize that that would be a terrible idea. Thank you for bringing attention to this issue!

  3. Gill Maher
    Gill Maher says:

    hellooooooooooooooo. Ive been watching you on anf off since your face slim first started upsetting you and nd now i i will start atart again, cant talk now neauutiful lady bur its reallly good to roof gorgeous one, take care, gilli, ciao for now xoox

  4. Incorrigible Texan
    Incorrigible Texan says:

    I bought this. I’m on week 8. I have seen no difference on underarm hair or bikini line, or legs. Using as directed. Also, zero difference in sun spots or dark spots. I will stick it out for the 12 weeks but over no results. I’m so sad. I’m 40’s light-medium tone dark body hair.

  5. dee Morgan
    dee Morgan says:

    Use an intuition shaver that's not as close..
    Perfect for bikini area..no ingrown hair.
    From So. California
    Shorts/ no stockings all year.

  6. Emppu Toropainen
    Emppu Toropainen says:

    Yes, every youtuber says that talking about every skin type is important…..Aaand then they continue to talk ONLY about DARK skin…. It is unfair that nobody talks about us very fair white haired people… my legs and arms look like polar bear and there is no help for that I guess…🐻‍❄️🐑

  7. bluebell crushed velvet
    bluebell crushed velvet says:

    What I AM frustrated at, is why nobody is talking of whether you can use it FULLY on the nether regions and if it's possible to do a full Hollywood with this device?!?!
    Like, I see no point in me spending the money on this device and not being able to do jack sh# with it other than armpits and legs!!
    The place where I want the most to get done if that doesn't work what's the damn point???
    Also I DO NOT want to shave everything down there!! Coz I have incredible issue with ingrown hairs that become cysts and a whole lot of pain and ugliness and deep tissue scaring that's traumatic every time!!! This sh# can last on me for WEEKS! MONTHS even! So I absolutely am avoiding to shave down there!
    Plz tell me this can work somehow!!

  8. Dayisnear G
    Dayisnear G says:

    Thank you! I have been considering ipl, and this video is something I will keep in my saved playlist! I have been considering due the fact my hair growth is borderline ridiculous ( pcos and genetics from my dads side and pale skin would usually make a male jealous on a bad face hair day due my ease of growing beard 😅😬, and yes I have had those discussions when they have asked me for advice 🤣🙄 ) but I digress and I do love that you bring up the medicines that will clash and the cons as well as pros and this is a must see for anyone on Waran and similar. I ain’t on that thankfully, but for anyone who is: watch this video! Take her explanations seriously and into consideration!

  9. Hannah O.
    Hannah O. says:

    i have PCOS and use an IPL laser on my face and neck. i use it once a week (every 5/6 days usually) and in 4ish sessions have definitely noticed a difference!

  10. Mai Dadivas
    Mai Dadivas says:

    This is the best IPL review so far. You keep on telling that no one warns you about some details 'bout the process and thank you for giving us the warning.

  11. Nataly C
    Nataly C says:

    It's so hard to find a non-sponsored review. And after attempting to buy one I can understand why. Idk what kinda shady shit they do that my package was out for delivery and marked as delivered through the tracking link the send. And after checking my mailbox by yard my neighbors yards it then shows as returned to sender through my post office tracking. A month later still waiting for kenzzi to with return my money or give me my product.

  12. Its Tia!
    Its Tia! says:

    Hey hun, u can get the exact same one from Lux skin for much cheaper. Luv skin even do a better one too which I'm going to get. Thanks hun xxx


    I'm Japanese/Italian/Hawaiian with dark hair and my skin changes from pale in the winter, to very tan in sunnier months. I notice if I'm not extremely pale it can't detect my hair.. Very annoying. Also used this on my face last winter and it worked to slow the growth, but since I cant use this year round I tend to find sugaring to be a better option

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