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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share with you guys my very first time trying an IPL Handset which is similar to an at-home laser hair removal device! Intense pulsed light (IPL) uses light and heat to target the root of the hair, which in time decreases the pigment of the hair and then eliminating it permanently. Rose Skin Co reached out and asked me if I wanted to try this handset out and share my experiences with you guys and I said YES! I’ve done professional laser hair removal in the past and while the results can be hit or miss, it is absolutely more convenient than shaving or waxing.

They sent me the IPL device as well as their 4D electric shaver, which you see me use to prep my legs before using the IPL. I really enjoyed this shaver bc it was quick, easy and no chances of hurting myself.

This IPL device averages 12 weeks for full results, so I want to share my 12 week update with you guys after this also. On a scale to 1-5 for how stubborn my hair is, I would say mine is about a 4. It grows back very dark and thick and from laser hair treatments in the past, I still have hairs that grow. I’m excited to see if this device works for me and if it’s a solution for hair growth!

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This video was kindly sponsored by Rose Skin Co. This does not change my first impression, opinions or review for this device and I’m excited to continue to use it and share my results with my audience!

9 replies
  1. Sapphire NightSky
    Sapphire NightSky says:

    I have kinda thick hair on my upper lips and it makes me embarrassed.
    I wanna get rid of them and try this kind of product but I'm worried that it doesn't work and makes my hair on those area I wanna remove get thicker.

  2. Sidrah Ahmed
    Sidrah Ahmed says:

    Just watched your video. And my god I am convinced.

    I remember watching so many videos on epilators before buying it 3 years ago and they all made it seem painless. Bought it and hell everywhere. Plus so many ingrown hairs 😭 I had to go back to creams and razors. The struggles are real…

    Do you happen to know the rough price point of the device by any chance?

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