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Hello my loves! I’m finally bringing you an update the Hena Laser Hair Removal device! https://hena.co/collections/all/products/ipl Please leave a thumbs up if you enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe before you go! Thanks for watching!!

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30 replies
  1. Jacqueline Hottel
    Jacqueline Hottel says:

    You can always choose 0% payment option at laser clinics. I had my legs done and bikini areas this way. I chose electrolysis for under arms and facial hair. Arms are next and facial peach fuzz. Probably going with electrolysis so I can pay as I go. Usually about every 6 weeks.

  2. Sandra Martinez
    Sandra Martinez says:

    I’m glad to have seen this video I didn’t wanted to wasted my time or money on something like this I really wish there was a product out there that would actually stop the hair growth

  3. Hend Mikhail
    Hend Mikhail says:

    fake, layer when you return it no money nack nobody answer the phone dont order i lost my money al ready trying for two months to get it back many phone call email no money dont trust them

  4. Keiko Bushnell
    Keiko Bushnell says:

    If anyone truly wants to get laser hair removal I suggest going to a dermatologist and they know what they are doing with the equipment and the way they set the lasers where is a place like Laseraway is just some girl “trained” HOPEFULLY Well enough to know what she’s doing to remove the hair without burning your skin. I wont waste anymore money on the laser hair removal. if I was to spend money on it it would be at a dermatologist

  5. Keiko Bushnell
    Keiko Bushnell says:

    Thanks for making this I just saw an ad for it and was curious!

    I got professional laser hair removal and that didn’t work for me so I’m not so sure that this is any less effective then LASERAWAY I got my bikini area done there (Brazilian) My boyfriend had bought me a “small area” gift certificateTo get it done but turns out that’s only for like your upper lip so I had to pay the difference and it ended up being I think like $600 and this was a few years ago. It kind of hurt a little bit it was an awful he had to go back a few times and all said and done I still have to shave there m…

    There is less hair m… but I still need to shave, so what’s the difference if it’s a lot or a little?

  6. Teresa Shattuck
    Teresa Shattuck says:

    Buyer Beware! Horrible HENA customer service!!! Check out the BBB Complaints and Trust Pilot complaints and reviews. Even on YOUTUBE Videos, the comments are disabled. Why would they need to disable?

  7. Siaht Moon
    Siaht Moon says:

    I have just bought this and would like to know where can I buy extra bulbs,
    IPL takes forever to work but for people with ingrown hair like myself it is recommended. it also works better when there is a higher contrast between the skin and the hair and apparently I am a good candidate, this was back in 2010 and Im sure this have improved.
    I have then upgraded to laser and moved to laser in 2012 until 2014, you get faster results with laser but it is a bit more painful but nothing drastic.
    i was hair free for many years only now it started to grow because i didnt go back for maintenance, which is mandatory. lol
    now decided to do it at home, lets see 🙂

  8. Kitty Mixed
    Kitty Mixed says:

    Love that all you make tons of reviews videos which I love because you’re girl don’t know what to spend her money on if it’s good or not just get it because I like it but I watch you’re video and I’m like okay budget haha 😆 ig @queenofterps

  9. Ana Florit
    Ana Florit says:

    Thank you for your review and honesty about the product. I bough it for myself back in the fall and I don't remember having any issue from a customer service point of view, it may have taken a little bit longer than anticipated to get here but it eventually arrived in good shape. Now as far a my experience using it, I did the treatment as they advise it (used it twice a week for the first 4 weeks, then once a week for 4 week, then once every 2 weeks for another 4 weeks) I did this on my under arms and bikini line since they are the 2 areas that bother me the most and honestly I did not see any change what-so-ever and kind of just put the machine away. Now, with the quarantine happening I figure I'd give it another shot, after all everyone's hair is different, and I got plenty of time on my hands. This time I only did it on my bikini area where my hair is the roughest, started again using it twice a week, figured I'd just keep shaving and doing it every-time my hair grew back to a level I didn't like and I am now only doing it once a week and I am seeing a difference in how much hair is growing back. So bottom line is, it sort of works, like you said not 100% but it does make growing hair more manageable but it does take time to do it repeatedly and hopefully we won't stay in quarantine forever and I'll probably go for salon sessions once those re-open. Stay safe everyone <3

  10. Amber W
    Amber W says:

    Was hoping that would be awesome. Maybe that other brand is better. Who knows. Do you think the light flash can hurt your eyes. Professionals use glasses. I know this isn't professional, but still.
    Ig: amberlee_2005

  11. Ashley's Opinionated Reviews
    Ashley's Opinionated Reviews says:

    Thanks so much for your honesty! I feel like devices like this take an extended amount of time to work or even see results. Like maybe even after several months. I would absolutely love to know if you do continue using it, and if you do start seeing more results. I'm like you with shaving, very sensitive everywhere so I always end up with razor burn everywhere I shave. I would love to be hairless everywhere but my head. Please keep us updated if you do keep using it. I'd totally be more invested after seeing how it does after like 6-9 months of use. I think if it's not showing results after that long, than its most likely never going to show any results at all. Once again thanks so much for sharing your experience and for your honesty. Hope you're doing well and having a wonderful day. Stay safe beautiful! 😘

  12. Jodi Lynn
    Jodi Lynn says:

    IG : navywife … I commented 💓 back to June 6th of last year, I promise I’m not a crazy stalker I just wanted to do the most while my baby was napping on me ❤️

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