Review of Hey Silk Skin laser hair removal at home/ Plus experience of buying it


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Hi Guys what’s up!! Today we are going to test the Hey silk Skin laser hair removal at home.
im going to share everything how to use it and my experience buying it
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  1. Vy Pham
    Vy Pham says:

    Thank you for the review and sorry for hearing about the scar. Eating more fruits with vitamin C can help your body deleting the scar itself, hope it helps. Good luck!

  2. wahiba T
    wahiba T says:

    Hi. I have a home hair removal device from the brand wetty and I am afraid to try, is there a difference between women’s and men's devices?

  3. Ana Paula
    Ana Paula says:

    Gostava mais de ver você nos doces e bolos. Neste canal falando inglês não tenho nenhum interesse, não leve a mal mas como eu deve haver mais gente que pensa o mesmo. Vende produtos? É uma opinião. Fique bem 😊

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