Glitter French Tips Nail Tutorial


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    ENTITLED says:

    Thank you! I’m NEVER going back to the salon again! The acrylic method is golden because I use to get air bubbles when using the glue! Now’ I only will use acrylic

  2. HunniChile72
    HunniChile72 says:

    It's 2019 and I LOVE IT. I'm going to try this for my daughter's wedding in a couple weeks. Where can I purchase the nails Savannah? BTW I'm an island girl as well 😉

  3. Miss E
    Miss E says:

    You have removed the video on the make up in this video. I was disappointed because your make up was gorgeous!!!! I so wanted to see it! 💕

  4. lovelyrosebw
    lovelyrosebw says:

    I prefer press on nails as well cause you can paint them any way you want off the nail, you can do them at home yourself and not have to worry about a nail tech not doing it the way you want, it’s very inexpensive and I actually enjoy doing it using my own nail polish, the only downsize is I can’t seem to get them to last long with nail glue so this sounds like a good technique to get them to last longer so I’m definitely gonna try this

  5. Marie Henson
    Marie Henson says:

    I'm a big nail biter and have been using the press on nails with glue, I don't have enough nail to use tips. Have hated using the glue because of bubbles that show on the french manicure nails. I love the way you do yours with acrylic. Watching all your videos now. Thank you!!! LOVE IT!

  6. Willow Wind
    Willow Wind says:

    Wow ur nail tutorials got me hooked😳😀Just found u..n a new glad I did👍What a great teacher r u.. Love all that u share.. keep the nail tuts coming…hugs&kisses😘

  7. Elyse G
    Elyse G says:

    What a great idea!! Acrylic to adhere. So I cringed in one of your videos how you remove them. For someone who can stomach popping them off that way, is there another way to remove?

  8. Sheila Cheeks
    Sheila Cheeks says:

    I just found your channel and subscribed! I love your nail tutorials! They look professionally done. I am going to do my nails like this too. No more spending that money at the Nail shop. I have a friend who does her own nails (press on). She don't go to the shop and I thought she did. Very inexpensive. Great videos and keep them coming

  9. Sarah Kelly
    Sarah Kelly says:

    I love your method! I've been thinking about trying press on's because my natural nails don't grow long; they start to peel and tear because they're thin. But Iove nail art and it seems like the cool designs work better on longer nails. I think when I have some extra money I'll invest in some nails and acrylic and try out your method! Thank you for sharing 🙂

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