Laser Hair Removal vs IPL: Five things to Consider what's best for you? 🖐🚫


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In this video, we have a look at laser hair removal vs ipl hair removal.
We cover everything from ipl vs laser hair removal effectiveness to ipl vs laser hair removal pain.

It’s important to know your specific skin type as this will be used to guide you on your decision between ipl and laser.

This can be done by using what’s called the “Fitzpatrick Scale”.

Laser technicians and aesthetic doctors use this scale to determine the effectiveness and safety of laser treatments on different skin types. Lasers have a multitude of settings or modalities that need to be adjusted to match the skin type. Depending on how the skin reacts to laser light will determine these settings and devices recommended to be used.

00:00 Intro
02:14 Determining your Skin Type
02:46 The 5 Key Differences
02:52 1. The Power of the Device or Machine
03:55 2. Treatment Time
05:33 3. The Cost of Treatments
06:35 4. Treatment Effectiveness
08:39 5. The Treatment Pain
09:51 Conclusion

Five key differences that separate laser hair removal from ipl (Intense Pulsed Light)

1. Power
2. Treatment Time
3. Cost of the Treatment
4. Treatment Effectiveness
5. Pain

Choosing the perfect hair removal method is a personal choice.

The basic important things that need to be focused on while selecting is:

Your skin type, do you have lighter or darker skin?

The approximate amount of money your willing to spend, what’s your budget?

The amount of time you willing to spend to obtain positive results.

Both methods have similar side effects – redness, slight swelling of the skin, however short-lived and do not last more than a day. You just need to stay out of the sun for a few days.

However, IPL is the star for treatments such as superficial pigmentation, varicose veins, or rosacea, and although it can do hair removal it doesn’t steal the show by any means.

Comparative Study

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  1. Violet Sebueng Mosia
    Violet Sebueng Mosia says:

    Yeah this is very subjective. I have worked with both laser and ipl technology and for both technology has improved. As much as this video was posted a month ago your reference is from 10 years ago. Go back on the the improved technology

  2. GuidetteExpert
    GuidetteExpert says:

    I bought a at home IPL hair removal which is MUCH MUCH cheaper and I can do my whole entire body without going broke. It has the same wavelength as the ones in pro salons and no brainer to choose that option rather than the salon version.

  3. Soul Ride with Ste & Rach
    Soul Ride with Ste & Rach says:

    Ahh that looked painful as heck haha 😂 Such a great intro though, I definitely felt your pain. An elastic band snapping onto your skin sounds a bit better haha. 🙌 Keep up the great work and happy to be connected with you in Matt's Slack channel and see you grow on your journey 💛

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