THE Kristen Stewart Makeup Look with Guest Artist Beau Nelson


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The products featured are:

Chanel – Hydra Beauty Nutrition:
111SKIN – Rose Gold Illuminating Eye Mask:
Chanel – Sublimage La Crème Yeux:
Lisa Eldridge – Seamless Skin The Foundation – No.7 :
LEIA – Ultraflesh blender – Lavender Grey :
Tarte – Shape Tape Contour Concealer – Light Sand & Light Neutral :
Real Techniques – Setting Brush:
Chanel – Les Beiges – Soleil Tan Bronze 390:
Esum – Palette Set:
rephr – Brush – P08:
Nars – Brush – 15:
Stila – Convertible Color – Lillium:
Shu Uemura – Eyelash Curlers:
Chanel – Stylo Yeux Waterproof – Noir Intense 88:
Make Up For Ever – Aqua Eyes Pencil – M80 :
Charlotte Tilbury – Eyes to Mesmerise Cream Eyeshadow – Chocolate Bronze :
Sigma – Domed Utility – E34:
MAC – Blending Brush – 217:
Stila – Brush – 9:
Tom Ford – Cream Color For Eyes – Caviar:
Real Techniques – Base Shadow Brush:
Hourglass – Curator Eyeshadow – Fog:
Smith Cosmetics – Flat Quill Crease Brush – 235:
Hourglass – Curator Eyeshadow – Ace:
Lashify – Whisper Light Dual-Sided Bond:
Lashify – Intimate Lashes – A10:
Lashify – Fluffy Gossamer Lashes – F10 Black:
Lashify – Fluffy Gossamer Lashes – F12 Black:
Lashify – Fuse Control Wand – Sapphire:
L’Oréal – Voluminous Mascara – Carbon Black:
Charlotte Tilbury – Nudegasm Face Palette – Sculpt:
Charlotte Tilbury – Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder – Fair:
Anastasia – Brow Powder Duo – Ash Brown:
Smashbox – Precise Brow & Liner Brush:
West Barn – Soap Brows:
Lisa Eldridge – Elevated Glow Highlighter – Cosmic Rose:
Lisa Eldridge – Luxuriously Lucent – Kitten Mischief:
Spectrum Collections – KJH 25 Piece Brush Set:
Lisa Eldridge – Gloss Embrace Lip Gloss – Songbird:

My Makeup in the introduction is:
Lisa Eldridge – Seamless Skin The Foundation – No.11 :
Lisa Eldridge – Elevated Glow Highlighter – Crystal Nebula:
Lisa Eldridge – Enlivening Blush – Pink Soap:
Lancôme – Lash Idôle:
Lisa Eldridge – Luxuriously Lucent Eyeshadow – Bianca:
Lisa Eldridge – Enhance & Define Lip Liner – Fawn:
Lisa Eldridge – True Velvet Lip Colour – Velvet Petal:
Kimiko – The Brow Sensei:
Kimiko – Super Fine Eyebrow Pencil:
Lisa Eldridge – 18ct Gold Hoops – Pair:
Lisa Eldridge – The Grace Intense Charm:
Lisa Eldridge – The Lipstick Charm – Velvet Carnival:

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Thank you to our lovely model Elle and hairstylist Willis Galbraith.

Lisa Eldridge X

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37 replies
  1. zara d
    zara d says:

    i can't remember the last time i learned so so many amazing tips and exciting product recs from a YT beauty vid! thank you for introducing us to Beau, Lisa!! such a complex and beautiful eye look… i re-watched a couple of times to fully wrap my head around, and feel inspired to try on myself soon! makeup artistry at its finest… thank you Lisa and Beau for sharing and making accessible to all of us!!

  2. Sebum Post Mortem
    Sebum Post Mortem says:

    Lisa, my dear, this must be a joke…🥺😰 Eye patches reversed so the "crow' s feet" area remains naked, first of all. Then covers your amazing foundation (I should be offended, tbh) with the most drying and texture enhancing concealer ALL over the face, places the contour to make even smaller the narrowest part of her forehead/temples and connects TMJ with jawline area, NO eye primer, rough as hell while blending the pencil on the most firm skin possible. Would like to see this after a couple of hours… KStew signature look is an asymmetrical, creased, non blended after party eyes like the one from the photo at the beginning of the video🤦🏻‍♀️. Please, Lucia Pica, you' d better do a Chanel campaign look on KStew 🙏🏻 We are used to your angel wings strokes and delicacy, Queen. That has been a torture to see.

  3. Anya
    Anya says:

    Omg I used to be so obsessed with Kristen and her looks (still am!). So excited to see this….it’s a throwback to all the times I would google “kristen stewart makeup tutorial” a decade ago lol

  4. Beth Lilly
    Beth Lilly says:

    I’m in awe, I love watching professional MUAs work, it’s magic!
    Those MUFE Aqua liners are no joke! I’m speechless at how well he was able to blend and smudge them out, the tip for mixing with cream shadows is genius!

  5. priti patel
    priti patel says:

    Amazingly talented artist!!Thank you Lisa for bringing him and sharing with us.Usually people from the same profession don’t admire or acknowledge someone else’s work so kindly and gracefully as u did Lisa😍

  6. BitofaBluestocking
    BitofaBluestocking says:

    This is wonderful! About a year ago I quit using powders altogether because they never look right on my dry skin. Thank you for sharing these techniques. It was time for a skill upgrade.

  7. Zizzie
    Zizzie says:

    The pros take a great deal of time blending and layering. It is such a joy to watch and learn, and thanks to Lisa for highlighting their work.

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