Japanese Dolly Eye Makeup Tutorial


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Book of Fables: Chapter 89 – Cookie Thief
a japanese dolly eye makeup tutorial

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Heeee, this has got to be one of my favourite chapters to film! It was fun dressing up as a kid and acting like a total brat 😛 The makeup is relatively simple, it’s more of a dolly eye look. I was surprised how much I liked this eye makeup on myself through so I may consider wearing it more often.

The idea came to me when I first came across the same music track. It made me think of Tom and Jerry at first and then over time this idea developed. I love it when such ideas hit me, as it makes the entire creation process completely fun!

The cookies however were gross -_-; I mean, what do you expect for a jar of cookies going for 50 cents clearance right? I had to do two takes of the cookie eating part, so by the end of it I was scrubbing out my mouth at the sink 😛 Ahh, the things I do to make a good video!

Anyways, I hope you really enjoy it, I created the dress myself, it’s actually part of my Shia (http://www.extreme-motion.com/costumes/shia/) costume.

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  1. SarahPrice
    SarahPrice says:

    So recently (like today xD) I found out about your videos! Each one I've seen so far (because I can't seem to stop watching) are just amazingly gorgeous! You are definitely my make-up idol~ :3 oh and I love your hair btw =]

  2. SarahPrice
    SarahPrice says:

    So I just recently (today xD) found out about your videos and might I say all the ones I've seen (and I can't seem to stop watching!) are amazing and gorgeous! You are definitely my make-up idol~ :3 and I love your eye color btw~ =]

  3. Fables in Fashion
    Fables in Fashion says:

    @jhayceefabian Aww thank you so much I really appreciate that 🙂 I'm really honoured and touched! It's viewers like yourself that help keep me motivated, I really am grateful for your support 🙂

  4. Mishaeru
    Mishaeru says:

    I don't know if anyone has ever told you this, but listening to your voice really reminds me of Vanille from FFXIII~ Anywho, I really enjoyed this tutorial, even though the style doesn't really suit me, I do think it's beautiful~ <3

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