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Hi everyone! This video is all about the RoseSkinCo IPL handset that I spoke about a few months back! That video showed you guys my first impressions, first time using laser hair removal at home and in this video, I wanted to update you guys on my entire experience and give you an in-depth roseskinco review!

A lot of people have asked to see my results with my RoseSkinCo IPL Handset so I hope this video covers everything you want to know about it. I would consider my body hair to be stubborn and my skin to to be a medium complexion. I am filipino so I think my ethnicity tends to have medium to thick body hair.

This IPL device averages 12 weeks for full results, so I want to share my full update with you guys. On a scale to 1-5 for how stubborn my hair is, I would say mine is about a 4. Before this, it would grow back very dark and thick and from laser hair treatments in the past, I still have hairs that grow.

0:00 Intro
10:20 Q&A
15:20 CONS
19:10 TIPS

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This video was kindly sponsored by Rose Skin Co. This does not change my personal experience through the last three months of use and in this video I share my honest opinions and experiences! Hope you guys enjoy this video and thank you for allowing me to share my candid thoughts with you!

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  1. ắนᚱøℛẵ
    ắนᚱøℛẵ says:

    excuse me, but how do I need to shave for the device to work, I just bought it and when I shaved, some hairs remained after use, these hairs did not disappear, do I need to completely shave off so that no hair is visible on the surface?

  2. Barbara Anne Fillion
    Barbara Anne Fillion says:

    Thanks for the info! Would you say that the 4 & 5 level of the Rosa Care is as strong as the professional IPL’s devices?
    I spoke with “Ideal Image Laser” and they told me that In Home devices do not get to the root or bulb of hair follicle and therefore is never permanent. Can you comment on the validity of that statement they made.?? Barbara

  3. Jeannie Grace
    Jeannie Grace says:

    At a Salon, when the IPL worked for me (fair skin/medium-light hair) I could tell within 7 days because the affected hairs would fall out. literally you can grab the hair with a tweezer and it will slide right out of the follicle. This indicates that it actually worked. In my unsuccessful Salon treatments not a single hair ever came out after an entire year of visits (she clearly didnt know what setting to use or what she was doing). I'm bought this device recently, I'll be looking for this key indicator to see if this actually works.

  4. Nathalie Rosa
    Nathalie Rosa says:

    i'm thinking about getting one, because honestly, i'm so lazy with regular shaving.. but question, after the 300'000 flashes, does the device simply stop working? how long does this device last at the end? Thanks.. 😉

  5. Katarina Giselle
    Katarina Giselle says:

    Tip from a professional, especially for chin/facial hair PLUS dealing with ingrowns:
    don’t shave down completely or when you shave, wait a day or two. Despite it being (depending on your pain tolerance) slightly more painful and possibly a bit smelly from smelling the hair burn, the chances of the laser effectively attacking the hair follicle increase when there is still a bit of hair showing. Now you don’t want it to be TOO long, but you don’t want it to be shaved down completely. Also, steam where you are going to use it beforehand to really open up the follicles! If you have double folliculitis (immediately where you pluck, you see another hair already at the surface) then you actually might find that rather then shaving, plucking and waiting a day (especially if you have to pluck chin hairs every single day) will actually HELP the process because when you have two hairs at once coming from the same follicle, the chances of you successfully reaching the follicle increase when you are getting the one that is still currently attached and growing closest to the stem/starting point. Only you know your body and can trust where to pluck and paying attention/staying aware helps significantly. Obviously, we can’t get it right every time, but trust yourself and your gut intuition, trust the process, and keep at it. Trying different things helped me a lot, but when I got the advice about not shaving Down completely or waiting a day or two after shaving (mine grows very fast..I could practically grow a beard like a teenage boy..weak..but still enough hair for them to feel proud of 😂😬😬😬) That’s when the idea clicked, because often when I pluck my chin hairs, there will be already no growing right underneath from the same follicle (I discovered I had folliculitis 5ish years ago and a few months later I discovered that double folliculitis was a thing because I was searching for two hairs in one follicle after being exasperated by the constant hair growth) So I trusted my instincts and tried it out, and while I don’t always get it right (sometimes I will pluck and there won’t be one directly underneath) I started to learn where the majority of the double follicles were and it did begin to make a difference! Does it hurt more? Well for me, it hurts more having to pluck everyday, multiple times a day and to constantly think about my facial hair, ingrown hairs, and the insecurity that comes with it. I would rather go back to my chronic acne then ever have to deal with another hair!! So for me, pain increasing doesn’t matter and there are ways to decrease pain with numbing creme and afterwards with some ice, a cold spoon, cold running water, ac, sticking your head in the freezer lol and afterwards putting some willow bark and aloe Vera on the site. I hope this helps somebody, especially those dealing with constant facial hair that can also be very painful and damaging to our female facial skin (our skin is NOT built for facial hair and I understand the pain of ingrown hairs on the chin and jawline and how long they can last..TIP..once you know the hair is close enough to the surface or the cyst it has formed is well..thin enough to get through..pop and dig for that hair and once you have finally successfully gotten it, put a hydrocolloidal Bandaid overtop immediately after (get out any extra puss or infection first if you can and use clean hands and some toilet paper to gather and stop the excess leakage, THEN use the bandaid and change it every time it gets full. I usually cut my bandaids to about a quarter size so that I can use way more and change regularly. Something that also helps it heal fast is this stuff by Nutribiotic with tea tree oil and grape seed oil. I use it for literally EVERYTHING..any skin conditions or infections, in the bath, even in my laundry in the wash!

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