Tie Dye Stamping Nail Tutorial


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Hi my lovely viewers/fans welcome to another tutorial.
In this tutorial today I am using:
Gdi gel polish (f1)

Stamping polishes:
Konad (physche pink)
Konad (sky pearl)
Konad (Patel orange)
Konad (green)
Moyou (banana ice)

Stamping plates:
Moyou kaleidoscopic no6
Moyou sailor 05
Tropical 05
Pro xl 21
Doodles 04

Moyou xl marshmallow stamper
Rainbow creative scraper

Links to sellers:

Rainbow connection:

I hope you’re enjoying my tutorials,I’m not a professional nail technician, I just love nail art and want to share my basic skills with you.

Here’s some playlists of my videos for you to check out.
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If you have any requests please tell me them in comments box and I will do my best to achieve them.

I never claim originality on my nail art (who can really 🙂 I normally get my inspiration from things around the home or other you tubers. There are some amazing people on YouTube with awesome skills which have inspired me to try it out myself but I will leave always leave where I got my inspiration down below
💡tie dye stamping 💡

All things I use in my tutorials I purchase out of my own money, unless otherwise stated.

Most importantly

Thank you so much for watching it really means a lot to me.


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  1. MissHarleyXX
    MissHarleyXX says:

    I do something along the lines of this and i LOVE it. comes out with some really pretty and different designs 🙂 I found it the same way you did just playing around and found the way that works best for me. i didnt think of doing a cross pattern but now i have seen how it works i will give it a go 🙂

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