Quilt Chat, a Shopping Haul, New Villa Rosa Designs Patterns, and Help Me Choose a New Quilt!


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Let’s chat while you stitch. My video obligations for the year is over and I’m so happy! I finished a lot of WIPs while we were in Oklahoma over Thanksgiving.

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45 replies
  1. Beckie Caughman
    Beckie Caughman says:

    "That other team up in Dallas" is cracking me up! You are so much fun, I love my Tervis cup for water, its QT and not nearly as cute as your Texas one but I do love QT 😁

  2. robbinb7
    robbinb7 says:

    I like both of the log cabin designs. It will be fun to see what you choose. You are always so productive. I wish I had 1/2 your energy. ( : I enjoyed your video of Lulu and Hazel’s quilt shop. Love your mousepad.

  3. Terri Dunning
    Terri Dunning says:

    I like the one on the left that looks like a cross in the centre. But regardless of what I like you have to live with it so your choice is what counts. I am not crazy about the log cabin look of your quilt your presently making though I love the table runner. I get what you said about it being too fussy though. Good luck.

  4. leticia frye
    leticia frye says:

    Quilt diva🤗
    Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do
    Snappin’ her fingers and a shufflin her feet singin’
    Do wah diddy diddy dum diddy do

    She looked good, She looked fine …

  5. Mary Hannell
    Mary Hannell says:

    I like the one direction quilt better than the dots, but both are beautiful! My reason for this would be the "half dots" on the upper rows where the night tables are accommodated. Are you going to try and score tickets to Adele's weekend residency that start in the beginning of the month? My daughter is anxiously awaiting her 'SuperFan" status bid for tickets! Have a wonderful holiday!

  6. Mary Hebert
    Mary Hebert says:

    Please please do a sew a long for the quilt diva!!! I’ve had the pattern for a long time too and it would be great learning how to use scan and cut and Simply Applique!!! Also where did you get your handle for your tervis large mug? I need one badly! I first discovered Tervis mugs in a beach shop in South Padre, we used to go there and were frequent visitors to Dirty Al’s when it was in the old building next to the evening park! Met some great people there from all over the country including Canada! Miss that place, people would come for karaoke, dance, eat and have a grand time with maybe a drink or two! Thank you for your tutorials, tell hubby I love the seam ripper and stiletto, it’s awesome 😎

  7. Cindi Gibson
    Cindi Gibson says:

    Definitely go with the all one direction pattern. It's fabulous! Reminds me of an Escher drawing (look it up if you're not familiar. You'll instantly see the similarities.). It has marvelous depth and beauty in that pattern. Will look smashing on your bed!

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