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Best Cleansing Balms ➜

◇ Purito Cleansing Oil
(mentioned) elf holy hydration cleansing balm
(mentioned) Good molecules cleansing balm
(mentioned) Clinique take the day of balm
◇ Cera Ve hydrating cleanser
(mentioned) la roche posay toleraine
(mentioned) Bubble fresh start gel cleanser
◇ ROC daily resurfacing disks
◇ Simple soothing facial toner
◇ reusable rounds
◇ Paula’s Choice BHA
◇ Inkey list retinol
◇ Caudalie vino perfect serum radiance
◇ Rosehip oil
◇ Cera Ve skin renewing night cream
◇ Bubble slam dunk hydrating moisturizer
◇ Aquaphor healing ointment
◇ Milani avocado butter lip mask
◇ Klavuu lip sleeping mask

◇ Sunday Riley CEO vitamin C
➜ best SPFs video!
Eye creams I like:
◇ Cera ve
◇ Paula’s Choice

◇ Tula Face Mask
(15% OFF Tula with code TAYLORWYNN)
◇ Ole Henrikson Cold plunge pore mask
◇ Fourth Ray soak it up hydrating mask

◇ Earrings: Elevado
◇ Nails: Static press ons
◇ Bracelets: Chunky Link Bracelet Curb Chain Bracelet
everyday jewelry worn is linked here!

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36 replies
  1. WhimsicalFairyLove
    WhimsicalFairyLove says:

    Hey I would love if you would review Grounded Sage Skincare, especially the mask Quick calm calendula and pink clay mask. I have bad redness but this mask is the best I have tried, I would love a video of you using it right after a hot pack. Also love all your videos. You have a calming soothing voice that is nice for relaxing and love your recognitions for fair skin tones. You’re one of the few people on YouTube I still watch, wish you the best.

  2. Ava A
    Ava A says:

    Thanks for sharing! Skincare is definitely a process. I'll pass this to a friend who has acne issues. Where did you get the black shelf in the thumbnail??

  3. Robert Lincoln
    Robert Lincoln says:

    I own so much skincare that you recommended 🥰 thank you!! I recently bought The Paula’s Choice BHA and I am gradually building up to every night. I have VERY dry skin so I can’t do it every night but hopefully I’ll be able to eventually.

  4. flxwercxrpse
    flxwercxrpse says:

    Wow. I can’t believe your skin has transformed so much. I want to go on acutane because i had the worst, painful breakouts late last year that was so hard to get rid of and it seems to want to return plus other pimples. This is definitely helpful

  5. PewPewCat
    PewPewCat says:

    I love roc products. They make my wallet cry (they're not super high end, but I definitely consider them expensive), but I just absolutely love them. Their face day/night cremes do have fragrance, but I honestly like it. It reminds me of that one time… long before being a (single) mom, when I still had money and a life, I went to a spa. It gives me those 5 minutes of a scent-induced flashback and just makes it that little bit more special to me because of it. I truly do feel like I see a difference when I use it regularly. I just really suck at using products consistently, always have, but on top of that life has been so stressful I sometimes don't wash my face for days, let alone do anything resembling a routine 😕 you really don't get "me-time" as a single mom, other than at night and then I often just pass out

  6. Jefparkn
    Jefparkn says:

    Hey, I really think you should consider going to a lighter hair color. This has an artificial quality to your look because your skin is so pale.

  7. All the Pretty Purses
    All the Pretty Purses says:

    I don't know how you can stand doing this with all those rings on. I'm way too OCD for that. I would freak out feeling like my rings were getting all gunked up with goo, plus the ick of rubbing whatever dirt collects in your rings all over your face.

  8. The MrsBeatleJuice
    The MrsBeatleJuice says:

    Whenever you talk about how long ago your accutane journey was I get a little sentimental, in a weird way. I was in an abusive marriage at that time & I watched your videos religiously, at 6pm, & binged them all again when I needed an escape & could get it. Thank you for being one of the realest, calming, & truthful content creators I’ve ever come across. I am so freaking proud of you. Idk if that’s weird cuz I don’t actually know you but I am. I’m grateful for you & your content

  9. The Pug Lady
    The Pug Lady says:

    Have you tried the Hadalabo cleansing oil? I’m curious about how it compares to the one you use. I have used those ROC cleansing pads for years and love them!! I currently use the Vanicream gentle cleanser because I have rosacea but I’m going to try the Cerave cleanser since you like it so much. Thanks for sharing your routines!

  10. Gabriela Cruz
    Gabriela Cruz says:

    I tried doing for Mary Kay for almost three weeks and I’m broke out bad itchy and irritated
    I’m going back to cream to foam cerave cleanser because I have two cystic acne that omg it hurts!!!
    I just bought the simple toner and Paula’s choice exfoliate 🙏🏼
    I’ve also tried the origins and that was bad!!

  11. L Trujillo
    L Trujillo says:

    Thanks for posting. What do you recommend for pores that are taking over the face? I'm young and use retinol, vitamins, wear sunscreen, moisturizer and still feel like nothings helping my skin look healthy. 🤔 is this normal? Can anyone else relate?

  12. Theresa Pittman
    Theresa Pittman says:

    Whoa… wait… wash off the previous night’s skin care? I only rinse in the shower in the morning so I’m not washing away the collagen that my products renewed while I sleep. Why would you want to completely remove everything you fed your skin the night before? You wash away that plump, nourished feeling? Well… I live in Arizona… and I’m almost 50, so…. But seriously, I’d reconsider washing away that collagen in the AM. Eventually you’re gonna wanna hold onto that!

  13. Kim Sikorski
    Kim Sikorski says:

    I live using the ROC cleaning pads but I can't find them anymore in any store where I live. Such a bummer. Everytime I find something I like they do away with it.

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