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A review and beginners tutorial on how to do your own gel nails at home using the Mylee Gel Nail Kit… Step by step instructions and top tips from a pro nail technician!

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Gel nail steps and how to get perfect gel nails at home with the Mylee Gel Nail Kit!

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31 replies
  1. Hannah Keeton
    Hannah Keeton says:

    Just came across this video after buying the mylee kit! It was sooo helpful as a complete beginner I didn’t know where to start! I have one question, is there a limit on how long you should cure under the lamp for? Just because after 30 secs mine still felt a little bit tacky !

  2. Amy Joyce
    Amy Joyce says:

    Thankyou for this video Amelia its been really helpful. I've been toying with the idea of getting this kit for a while and finally bitten the bullet. All your videos I've watched have been informative and clear and you are so lovely and easy to watch xxx

  3. Ceri Ann Hughes
    Ceri Ann Hughes says:

    Thanks for this video its really helpful! Ive put cuticle oil on them before doing my nails no wonder they started peeling quickly what a wolly head 🙈🙈 i never knew what capped the nails ment i thought it ment just trim them. Thanks for educating me a bit haha x

  4. Katrina French
    Katrina French says:

    Hi I think I have the same nail kit as i and I find that when I do my nails they don't last cos whenever I get out off the shower or dry my hair and I don't know what I'm doing wrong so could please give me some advice….

  5. Ian Jackson
    Ian Jackson says:

    I have the mygel nail kit, I have used it a couple of time now I have noticed after a couple of days the colour stats to fade on parts of the nail. What is the cause for this, am I doing something wrong or could it just be the gel polish?

  6. Megan Park
    Megan Park says:

    Hi! This was so helpful as I’m looking at buying the Mylee products. I have polymorphous (an allergy to UV) so was so happy when I found their LED lamp 😊 would you suggest buying their nail polishes or can you use others with the LED lamp?

  7. Kate
    Kate says:

    Someone recommended the Mylee kit to me a while ago but I, decided to be cheap and buy an unbranded version for about half the price from amazon. The cheap one was absolutely terrible so I immediately returned it and ordered to Mylee one! 😂 Can't wait for it to arrive, thanks for the tutorial!

  8. Georgia Forsyth
    Georgia Forsyth says:

    Fantastic, thorough video! How long do you get out of the gel? I’m planning on ordering the £90 starter kit when I get paid on Friday! Usually I go to a nail tech every month for calgel overlays which is thicker, but thanks to Miss Covid I’m not able to just now ☹️! As someone who barely has any cuticles, am I best to still try and push them down every time I re-do my nails? I was thinking of the cuticle remover also. 😊

  9. K P
    K P says:

    Just bought this kit for lockdown 3.0, very excited to try it! I’ve loved having my nails done but obviously won’t be getting them done by my tech for a while and I fancied a bash at it myself! I’ll be looking to you for tips!

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