Lady Gaga Versace Makeup Tutorial


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Makeup tutorial to recreate Lady Gaga’s stunning makeup she wore at the 2014 Paris Versace Show.

Song: “Donatella (Instrumental Remake)” by iKillTheBeat

Wig: By FindWig –

19 replies
  1. flo beh
    flo beh says:

    when you have on your lashes,the wig and the hood you  became lady does it feel to be her and what do you think you look in the mirror?

  2. Christian Iannelli
    Christian Iannelli says:

    Amazing! and such a good model there too! Everything fit in great 🙂
    I just kept saying close your mouth at the end because she looked very 'pouty' and the lip shape didnt look like gaga's  but thatsnothing xD

  3. kitten soft paws
    kitten soft paws says:

    PERFECT!!! One of my favorites ! The other day I actually saw a gaga pic where SHE LOOKED LIKE YOU and I was like oh Lauren looks cute in this pic….HOLD THE FUCK UP THATS GAGA OMG.

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