Makeup Tutorials : How to Apply Makeup to Cover Bulging Eyes


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Bulging eyes can be minimized by a little makeup preparation. Learn how to minimize this flaw with the help of a certified image consultant in this free video.

Expert: Kelly Machbitz
Bio: Kelly L. Machbitz is a certified image consultant and past president (2004-2005) of the Central Florida Chapter of the Association of Image Consultants International.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

Series Description: Knowing how to apply makeup properly for any occasion is the finishing touch to a pulled-together, professional look. Create the perfect makeup routine with the help of a certified image consultant in this free video series.

39 replies
  1. Sukeshi Srivastava
    Sukeshi Srivastava says:

    Absolutely hopeless!! You can't even put the eyeliner line correctly.. I wish I could upload my eyes pic to show you what almond shape bulging eyes look like.. To give YOUU a tutorial… Lolz 😂

  2. Jason Brook
    Jason Brook says:

    Wow…you didn't even blend any of it.  What a mess.  It looks like you used a shadow with shimmer in it.  If you're trying to hide something you don't put something light reflective on it.  You use something matte…and blend blend blend.  Florida.  Yeesh.  

  3. Fran R
    Fran R says:

    Wow this is offensive, most girls don't have bulgy eyes as stated by a lot of people on here they have big beautiful eyes. But I have graves disease, look it up if you want to see what real bulging eyes look like. If you think she has bulgy eyes you must think people like me are freaks hey? My eyes aren't as bad as they can be though thankfully, and I just wanted some help to make me feel like a normal person again.. this wasn't it.

  4. TheXrizz
    TheXrizz says:

    Firstly, "bulging" eyes is totally offensive. I love big, prominent eyes- I hate how they're making them seem unwanted.
    Secondly, this model has absolutely no characteristics of a "bulging eye".
    Thirdly, get new "experts", ehowbeauty.

  5. Milena C
    Milena C says:

    Lol, I remember in seventh grade, only once have I been made fun of for having big eyes! The squirrel from ice age, yeah, we were watching that movie and this kid like announced that I had it's eyes. Turns out he had a crush on me, anyway. I often get complimented for my eyes! I look like a "doll." Big eyes are beautiful and no one should feel insecure with them! A lot of girl's wear make-up to try and make them bigger. I agree with you! Boys tell me my best feature out my magnetizing eyes. 😉

  6. EmilyHildebrand
    EmilyHildebrand says:

    this is literally the worst "bulging eye" tutorial i have ever seen. first of all did this old lady even go to beauty school? her make up skills are horrible. covering half the lid brown and applying really thick eye liner is not how you do bulging eyes… this is about the stupidest waste of my life thing i have ever watched. absolutely pathetic

  7. reallymagnolia
    reallymagnolia says:

    I am a model and I have bulging eyes, in fact – they're what have made me so successful! What is offensive here is that people (particularly young women) are being told (or sold!) that there is always a flaw, a certain imperfection that must be covered. NOT SO! People tell me and my sisters who also have bulging eyes that they are amazing! so if you have big, beautiful eyes.. show them off! they are such a stunning and sexy asset to have! You're beautiful. please don't hide! xxx

  8. itsbritneywitch
    itsbritneywitch says:

    coming from a makeup artist this is laughable.
    1. your insulting any clients you have had or will have by calling prominant eyes. BULGING eyes. what the hell.
    2. you're doing it ALL wrong. you've clearly had no training as you dont have a clue what youre doing.

  9. smilebot1
    smilebot1 says:

    to call them bulging is actually really offensive. It makes them sound horrible when in fact big, protruding eyes is what alot of people want. What would be really helpful is just see a demonstration on how to make big eyes look gorgeous with a simple look, the model used in this video doesn't even have big eyes, and the make up looks awful. all in all, not very helpful. sorry 🙁

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