Laser Hair Removal Review (After 6 Sessions)


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Hi everyone.
In this upload I share my laser hair removal experience after 6 sessions.
Please note that I consulted with my dermatologist before starting this journey.

Skin C Laser Bar’s details are as follows:

Instagram Page:

Number: +267 75667596

I forgot to mention in the video that they give you protective glasses to wear when you do any treatment on your face as that area is sensitive.

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23 replies
  1. polo tsosane
    polo tsosane says:

    Mar like rly guys …do we have to deal with such pains in order to change what the Almighty created….🤣🤣🤣 beauty neh, gud luck Tum za… Needless and I water and oil nyeke🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭

  2. 1992Fabulous
    1992Fabulous says:

    Thank you Mrs Sunshine! This was very informative. I've been wanting to go for hair laser removal what what., because wow my hair grows so quick! I'm grateful for that gene when it comes to hair growin on my head but everywhere else? Noo child! It's a lot of admin!

  3. Elang Basuhi
    Elang Basuhi says:

    Considering you did waxing for so many years EVERY MONTH i think your threshold for pain is way higher than mine lol!My dermatologist who is also an aesthetic in CBD also offers the service i have been meaning to have a chat to them about it. Wow the pigmentation has really reduced hence you said 'how excited it is going'

  4. Katlego Ratshidi
    Katlego Ratshidi says:

    Im also six sessions into my laser under arm hair removal (I'm removing mine with Wayslim in sandton). I'm also starting to see results now. my first session was a mess, I was jumping at every sting :")

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