Holiday Hair + Outfits


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Mama got ready today. The holidays are soon approaching so here are a couple of looks to help you get inspired for this season. Thank you Dyson for sponsoring this video!
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❐ HAIR ❏
➥ Dyson – Corrale Hair Straightener:

〰️ Last Minute Shopping 〰️
➥ Proof Tshirt
➥ Vintage Jacket
➥ H&M – Mom Loose-fit Twill Pants:
➥ Converse – Canvas Platform Low-Tops:

〰️ Parents Are Out! 〰️
➥ La Marque – Leather Jacket:
➥Urban Outfitters – Audrey Mesh Mini Dress:
➥ Nodaleto – Bulla Lace Up Ankle Boots

〰️ Christmas Day 〰️
➥ En Saison – Lily Mini Dress:
➥ StyleNanda Boots

〰️ A Family Holiday Excursion 〰️
➥ Pixie Market Dress
➥ Eggie Coat
➥ ACNE – Ribbed Beanie Hat:
➥ Nodaleto – Bulla Lace Up Ankle Boots



➥ Epidemic Sound

FTC: This video is sponsored by Dyson! Some of the links above are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if anyone purchases through them. This helps support my channel so I can continue to create videos for ya’ll~


46 replies
  1. Sophie.teafortulle
    Sophie.teafortulle says:

    I love the sleek bob on you!! I used to curl the ends of my hair too but it just doesn't work now that I have long hair. Definitely will be trying the curls 🙂

    (Ps: I just started vlogging about my weekends in Singapore and would love for anyone to check them out 🙂 )

  2. grey ghost
    grey ghost says:

    I felt like this was rushed and gave an out-of-breath feeling. I'm not sure if it's the editing, but just want you to know that taking care of yourself and motherhood comes first, not making deadlines for a video content 🙂 i'd rather have few and far in between quality content than a rushed one! so dont feel pressure to squeeze out holiday content, bc i cant imagine the stress being a mom, daughter, friend and a partner all-in-one during holidays.

  3. xSimphonii
    xSimphonii says:

    Watching the intro felt so nostalgic, just because I remember the first video I watched with Jenn was her Winter Outfits for School 9 to 10 years ago. Seeing her now in comparison is wild, and I'm so happy for her!

  4. drvngnrth
    drvngnrth says:

    I will say, any hair flipped down or up at the ends is not for me- much prefer the more natural looking texture in the second round.

    I got a drying round brush and I literally have not used my straightener in over a year. I'll be cleaning it up and donating it because pin straight styles just aren't flattering on me. A lot of people are going for the 90's teen movie hair, I'm after the 90's supermodel hair

  5. Emily Hutson
    Emily Hutson says:

    This was short and cute! I loved the outfits. Thank you for all the extra work that you do to keep creating content while you are navigating life with a newborn!

  6. seya
    seya says:

    I have a friend who loves to watch your videos .she moved to college recently and iam sure she's watching or have watched or will watch this video ❤️

  7. Angela Soh
    Angela Soh says:

    Would love to see Mama Jenn VS Papa Ben styling Baby Lennon in future videos 👨‍👩‍👦🤩✨ I think it would be exciting and wonderful to see how you two would incorporate looks for your Little One!

    Perhaps a family look book would be great, what do you think? Outfits to the Park, Picnic, Beach and etc??

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