Simple Baby Crib Makeover with One Step Paint | DIY BUDGET FRIENDLY


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You’re having a baby and that’s expensive already… Why not save money by just putting in a bit of your own elbow grease?!?! In this video, I transformed a crib with some ONE STEP paint! This is part 2 of a nursery makeover for a friend of mine with a baby on the way! This is a super easy, DIY way to change up the look of an existing crib on a budget.

Tools/Products Used:
Melange ONE use code FLIP10 for 10% off:
Graco Sprayer:
Surfprep Sanding System: Use my code FFT10 for 10% off your entire purchase
Festool Vacuum Dust Extractor:

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Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L II:
Aputure LS C120D II:
Aputure Light Dome II Studio Reflector Softbox:
Sennheiser AVX Digital Wireless Microphone System – ME2 Lavalier Set:
Manfrotto MT190CXPRO4 4 Section Carbon Fiber Tripod:

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41 replies
  1. Aye Boi
    Aye Boi says:

    It looks great. Keep in mind some things are sought after in wood colors nowadays, look into the boho style and see how you can make furniture fit into the boho style and you’ll definitely make money in that market.

  2. Sonia SPF
    Sonia SPF says:

    Just a word of warning for Europeans all paint for babies and children must meet BS EN 7-3; 201 standard also many countries will no permit painted or finished baby furniture to be re sold. Not even low VOC paint can be used it must be VOC free.

  3. Holly
    Holly says:

    I just want to mention that anytime you are looking to buy used furniture, please check for recalls. I used to work for a women's ministry that took in used furniture, including car seats. Nothing went back out the door without being run for a possible recall. You can go to the manufacturers website and run the serial number and date of manufacture. Honestly, you can purchase brand new and there still be a recall. My daughter-in-law had that happen to her. Thankfully, she had sent the warranty card in and the company contacted her. It's your baby's life! Please be careful 🙏 ❤. Lauren, beautiful job on both! 🙂👍👶

  4. TaraSaurus
    TaraSaurus says:

    I have a question, when you do chair flips its always upholstered, do you advise against doing leather? They seem to always be popping up free on marketplace. 🙂

  5. Karen Viator
    Karen Viator says:

    Hey ma’am. You should really post this video on the melange group my friend. It would expose your page as well as I know you know and it would our newbies in the group to learn! ❤️❤️

  6. Ann Ayres
    Ann Ayres says:

    My granddaughter just got a crib like this but said she wants it just touched up and leave it in the wood tone.
    I sent her your video to show her how pretty your turned out.

  7. Alicia yonts
    Alicia yonts says:

    Love it. So releaved that you used the sprayer . At first I thought you were going to use it brush and I thought I was going to have to have a fit watching you brush it LOL. I refinished a dresser changing table combo recently that I'm having a problem selling. I didn't pay it much at all for it I believe 20 bucks I'm holding my price on it thinking it's just the holidays is why it's not selling right now 🤷

  8. Gloria Fields
    Gloria Fields says:

    This crib turned out so good. No telling how long it would have taken you if you wouldn't have sprayed it. Spray painting is definitely a game changer. Thanks Lauren for another great video !!

    BUSTED to BUFFED says:

    I love doing pieces for the little ones. Makes you smile knowing that furniture is for the one thing in the world that is the most important to someone and they choose you to do it for them. ❤❤ I really need to try this all in one paint.

  10. Angelica Tapia
    Angelica Tapia says:

    Good flip but I was told cribs shouldn't be painted because the child will later start teething and will bite on the rails and of course that's not healthy, I was told this when my 2nd grandbaby was born and I mentioned painting the crib, is this right or does it depend on the paint?

  11. Cathy Knapp
    Cathy Knapp says:

    What a beautiful job you did I always enjoy your DIYs and all your information and teachings have helped so many of us we love you and Nieman thank you for sharing and God bless you and your family

  12. Vanda Human
    Vanda Human says:

    If I wanted a specific designed crib and a specific colour I would buy a second hand one and paint it the colour I wanted. Goodness people it was a commissioned piece , just leave it at that.

  13. mo97123
    mo97123 says:

    How did you sand the sides of the slats? Did your sander fit between the slats or did you sand with a sheet of sandpaper or didn’t they need to be sanded?? The video did not show that.

  14. Pam Boone
    Pam Boone says:

    It’s beautiful!
    Girl you need to invest in some paint pyramids
    Flat dollies
    Car dollies
    And some high risers to save you knees and back! 😳
    You’re young now and it may not bothering you
    But sister, as you age you are gonna wished you got the right
    Tools to save you body. I just care about ya, so no offense ❤️

  15. Angela Thrasher
    Angela Thrasher says:

    Beautiful set but I am JUST CURIOUS why somebody would pay $400 for a used crib when new ones of that type are like $200-300 bucks!?? Not trying to be rude at all but unless this crib was handed down many generations, wanted a specific custom color or was centimental in some way I cannot see them just buying a new one?

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