I Got Scammed Out of $500 – A Cautionary Tale


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50 replies
  1. Koko S
    Koko S says:

    I have been a victim of identity theft and also on a dating website….Anyway, don't feel dumb. XXXXX HUGS
    Go out this weekend and celebrate!
    You are blessed to have a loving husband and good health!!!!
    It sucks being in your 50's (me)
    and dating!! lol

  2. Koko S
    Koko S says:

    Yo, girlfriend, I am sorry this happened. As a Christian, this is when I get down on my knees and pray "vengeance is mine saith the Lord, and I shall repay."
    All you dumbass Rodrigo and friends will get yours and more as God will teach all of you a very harsh lesson. I am an RN in the hospital and I do not like when fakes and scammers and manipulator patients try to manipulate the system. Believe me, I pray for my patients who need prayer. But, I also pray that God teach people lessons and to help me forgive the evil sinners of this world.

    Give it to God and let HIm teach this jerkoff a lesson. God lessons are much harsher. Forgive Him and Let God teach this dude lesson.

  3. Patricia Elkins
    Patricia Elkins says:

    So sorry that happened to you! You did the right thing to file a claim. Hope you get your money back. Celebrate your birthday don't let him take that from you. Happy Birthday!💕

  4. Melinda Wilson
    Melinda Wilson says:

    Lawyer here – you absolutely can’t trust anyone about anything, especially online but even in person please be wary (cashiers checks from
    Bank are also not fool proof either and don’t give people on the street money to use for drugs – food or gift cards for food ok but not money because that’s what they will use it for). People always call me negative or jaded but it’s honestly true. I don’t want to have that outlook in life but there are so many Rodrigos that it’s necessary to be on the defensive 24/7. Also, our criminal justice system and even fraud departments at PayPal are overburdened and overworked that $500 is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, which is also sad. At any rate, I am sorry this happened to you because it makes generous and giving people like you and myself not want to give anything out of fear of being scammed. But you did the right thing in filing a claim because we can’t give up the good fight. Not to mention, you know, I know, and a lot of other legitimate followers know you are truly kind hearted. Hugs and love ❤️ ❤️❤️

    ETHEREAL says:

    You’re such a sweetheart and hope you don’t let him make you feel bad or naive for not knowing he was a con artist. Normal people don’t operate that way so we don’t have the mind of a scammer. It was so nice and generous of you to even do the giveaway. You’ve become one of my faves here on YouTube. Peace & blessings. Happy Birthday! 💖

  6. Skin Science by Mira
    Skin Science by Mira says:

    Ugh I’m SO sorry! That’s awful!
    And I’m so sad to hear it put a damper on your birthday. You’re such a kind person and you were just trying to do something for your audience – I know it’s hard to imagine there’s such crappy people out there. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad. That scammer was so manipulative too.

    I’ve been really fortunate with all my giveaways luckily but this has been an important reminder, thank you! They’ve all been products not cash so maybe that’s why. I’ve also done them mostly on FB too and the winners have commented from their FB accounts where I’ve chatted with them previously in the group etc.

    Btw, you don’t look awful at all. Don’t say that 💗💗💗

  7. SKIN DEEP beauty by nikki
    SKIN DEEP beauty by nikki says:

    This is horrible! He is a scammer 100%. I would not believe a word he says. I am so sorry this happened to you. I have been scammed too in the past…don't be embarrassed. You should NOT feel bad. He is a bad guy!

  8. Ally Allen
    Ally Allen says:

    Ohhh sweetheart, don't feel bad. You were doing something nice for people. The only person that should feel bad is this Rodrigo person. Be happy that you're a good person, met a beautiful milestone and were doing something out of the kindness of your heart. I'm so sorry this happened.

  9. Rhonda A Livingston
    Rhonda A Livingston says:

    I'm,thinking he's not ill, if he is sick how does he have energy to do something so awful..scammers put allot of time in this crap.. I get stuff every week for money..
    I'm,so sorry..you stay tuff and ignore and block comments..
    50 out fabulous..it's an amazing time in your life, wisdom, knowing your body, your loved ones..feeling you know what you want and don't want,,..
    Anyway..its a day, and you can do a do over..'celebrate when you feel better..and peaceful..prayers to you beautiful..

  10. Kat C
    Kat C says:

    Stacey, you were scammed. I’m very sorry it happened to you BUT that guy “Rodrigo” is the liar. What he did wasn’t justified no matter what. I disagree with anyone who sided with him, What goes around comes around, “Ridrigo”.

  11. Kimberly Blahnik
    Kimberly Blahnik says:

    That is terrible that people are attacking for not allowing someone to scam and fraud you. It’s not right and people don’t get a green light to lie and cheat because they have cancer. I feel terrible for people fighting cancer but that is not okay. Sending you hugs

  12. Yoga GirlsWorld
    Yoga GirlsWorld says:

    I'm so sorry Stacy! Don't blame yourself! You did everything to be wise and cautious! Scammers are just better at being deceptive👹I do hope you will have a beautiful Re-do Bday with your family! Love you, Girl! Big Hugs!🌬️🤍💙💚❤️🖤XoxoCheryl

  13. Diana C
    Diana C says:

    It breaks my heart that people are not honest. There are so many people who actually need help and the world is drowned with people who ruin it for everyone. I stopped donating to everything except my church because of this. I feel like a bad person when I decline donations but I remember that I can’t. You are such a good person. Don’t let this get to you.

  14. Sharon Huntley
    Sharon Huntley says:

    Omg, I’m just disgusted, how can people do that sort of thing!! Please do not feel bad, you don’t deserve these nasty people making you feel bad, you didn’t do anything wrong, he was in the wrong, I have been watching and following you for a long time, I love you

  15. Annabeth Lee
    Annabeth Lee says:

    Dont do giveaways ,Stacy…you give so much anyway. Happy birthday , old beauty ! 🙂 😍 welcome among us..I am 51…I will be following more , and commenting more , I am medical doc , so you may use my knowledge.. hopefuly… 🙂

  16. Leigh Anne Eddings
    Leigh Anne Eddings says:

    Amen Mother Earth! Welcome to the new America…I believe we will turn it around! First of all I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have cancer. He certainly doesn’t deserve the money that he has stolen from people whether he does or he doesn’t. He’s a liar and a thief! I’ve had cancer three times. So I can be sympathetic to that but he’s just scamming people! And the people who subscribe to your channel will recognize the negative comments from his friends.

  17. Chantal Milot RMT
    Chantal Milot RMT says:

    What Rodrigo did was Fraud, no matter what the reason was. Fraud is a crime for which you can do jail time for. Don't feel bad. This guy is a criminal and a gaslighter, any way you spin it.

  18. 19henny70
    19henny70 says:

    this makes me so angry…. what the f people think, its lower than low to act this way. And remember you're not dumb, you r to good for this world…!! Hope paypal will refund you, what I think they do🙏🏼♥️

  19. Nini
    Nini says:

    He is a liar regarding his cancer. We will counter any of his shit friends comments if he even bothers…he already got the $ so him/they will disappear. So you have learned about the types of people out there. Unfortunately they seem to increasing. NOW plan a new birthday celebration

  20. Sherri
    Sherri says:

    Oh Stacy, this makes me so sad and angry. I am also a breast cancer survivor/fighter and could not imagine doing something like that. I was so excited to win the $500 (I was laid-off last December after 40-years at my job) but I would be happy to reimburse you!!
    You did not deserve this on your birthday – Please message me and let me know how to reverse the funds. 😘

  21. Ariel Roc
    Ariel Roc says:

    You know something like this happened on another diy channel she gave did a $100 give away and got scammed out of the money as well I think it was yesterday or today I’m sure but it was through PayPal as well I feel so bad for you both this is wrong on so many levels cancer or not cancer he is probably trying to scam people saying he has cancer do more research hunny I’m sure something isn’t right with this guy scamming him you are not a bad person at all you did what was right he is a scammer clearly he has done this before and now trying not to get in trouble for this. He runnier someone else day and didn’t care at all clearly he is heartless about the situation and wants someone else sympathy that’s just wrong. I’m sorry you have gone through this.

  22. kanah1
    kanah1 says:

    He sounds like a professional scammer. So sorry that happened to you Stacy. Things like that do ruin it for everyone else. Please keep your chin up and know we're here for you. Love your hard work 💗 !! Keep the faith!!

  23. Tara
    Tara says:

    Don't feel bad for filing a claim. That's the right thing to do. He's most assuredly scamming others, too. Have a bday do-over! You're a gentle soul. Karma will catch up with him.

  24. Naioma
    Naioma says:

    My Grandson was taken on PayPal for 300.00. He got it back. You will too. My first order for Botox I got taken for over 300. I never got it back! Stacy I am so sorry, Happy Birthday to you. Can you block Rodrigo? No , he is Lying! Truly, so do not feel bad for this liar. He has friends doing this with him. PayPal will give it back. He may be an illegal. So much of this is going on.
    We have been played too much. It is not about feelings. It is about your platform, your business. It is business!

  25. animalover1963
    animalover1963 says:

    Stacy since I saw this it has bothered me. Your year has not been so hot with movers etc.

    I know that's a lot of money, and someone got it that didn't deserve it. But don't let them take your joy too. You were so excited about this birthday. Get out of bed and go do your thing and chaulk it up as lesson learned.

    It could have happened to anyone. I mean who has a fake ID? The world is changing, people can be horrible. No one knows who to trust anymore? I hope you go get out and shine it on girl. Finish the horrible year with a bang🥰🥰 so you celebrate it the weekend instead of on the date….

    We won't allow scammers followers to attack you either.👍

  26. Gloria Larson
    Gloria Larson says:

    I’m so sorry you got scammed Beautiful. But you still did a good thing in your heart and God will bless you 10 times more.
    That Roderigo guy is just building up a lot of bad karma and that’s on him.
    Goddess bless you. Maybe you shouldn’t give away money and just products. Just an idea. Love you love your channel so much thank you Gloria

  27. J. Bridget Kukier
    J. Bridget Kukier says:

    This guy is a liar and a thief, what goes around comes around. I’m so sorry Stacy that this spoiled your birthday …you are above all of this ugliness so try to put this behind you because at the end of the day Karma is a bitch.

  28. monica conklin
    monica conklin says:

    Don’t feel stupid. It simply demonstrates that you aren’t a dishonest person. Our brain doesn’t work this way, so are completely blindsided by something of this nature. I’d question it too and would block him and everyone associated with him.
    I’m very sorry such a milestone was tarnished. Shame shame shame

  29. ginar51
    ginar51 says:

    I’m so sorry Stacy, don’t believe his lies and his friends are either scammers too or it him with numerous fake accounts. How dare he use the cancer card to get money. You need to have him arrested and contact Instagram too. Scammers know how to prey on the innocent so don’t feel embarrassed.

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