Minimal No Foundation Makeup Routine


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I got a new mic 🙂 My minimal no foundation makeup routine.

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33 replies
  1. Michelle Phan
    Michelle Phan says:

    Hi everyone. I want to address skin filters because I do believe it is important to be transparent. I normally shoot on cinema cameras at the highest quality with sunlike lighting, so you can see my real skin texture with no skin blurring. My Magic Hour makeup tutorial is an example. However, I shot this video using a beauty cam on my phone because it’s an easier set up for me at home. Tbh, I turned the skin smoothing to the lowest setting, so there shouldn’t be any skin filter. The warping you’re seeing is from a subtle face slimmer that corrects my weird face distortion I get when I’m filming up close on the phone camera. I get pretty self conscious about that. I’m sorry if I came off as disingenuous. I’m trying to be more comfortable with how I look on camera. Some of the comments mentioned how I don’t need any of this, and tbh, you reminded me that we put too much pressure on ourselves and it’s okay to have flaws because that’s real. Thank you for allowing me to be vulnerable with no judgement. I’ll def be more transparent in future videos. 🥺

  2. Florence
    Florence says:

    I learned how to do my makeup watching your videos!! Massive love!!!! ❤️🥳❤️🤗❤️ Please create a Holiday and New Year’s look! I have gold highlighter (it’s called coin by YC) and I know you would rock this shade!! 😍😘🤗❤️😘🤗❤️

  3. Allie Bozell
    Allie Bozell says:

    Michelle, I’ve loved you and been watching you since I was in elementary school (: you’ve given me an interest in make up and it makes me happy that I can still look up to you years later in college. Thank you for teaching me pretty much everything I know and entertaining us for so many years ❤️

  4. Anna Overcash
    Anna Overcash says:

    I barely wear makeup now, apart from usually highlight and mascara a few times a week. I wish I could use the tip of curling your lashes before applying eye makeup, when I do, but by the time I got to mascara they’d for sure be straight again!

  5. Nurul A
    Nurul A says:

    Brings me back during my teenage years where I often watch your videos.. be it diy to makeup look which I enjoy watching so much.. so much love.. 😍😍🤍🤍🤍

  6. Prins Mae
    Prins Mae says:

    I'm so happy you partnered with a brand that I like so much! This brand is so good! I tried their hyaluronic acid toner and I never felt my skin so plump before!

  7. Texas Made
    Texas Made says:

    I LOVE YOUR SKIN, what is your skincare regimen, like everyday. Btw,I'm trying out those face products,I have texture/whiteheads,etc.dueto nc95 mask,due to work.I seat & talk,allthat gross gunk stays in the mask,I change it halfway through the day,but STILL get them,what can I do?

  8. Julie P
    Julie P says:

    Is there a bigger bottle? It's only 1.69 Fl Oz for $26… I would love to buy but I'm on a bit of a budget. Willing to splurge if it's really really good though.

  9. ChiZillaaa
    ChiZillaaa says:

    Hey Michelle! I really like the little puff/applicator you used for the Green Tea toner. Would you mind telling me where you got it? I've just been using my hands to pat and rub toner into my face but prefer the idea of using a tool instead.

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