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Dermatologist Dr Dray answers your skin care questions. CAN YOU GET LASER HAIR REMOVAL WHILE ON TRETINOIN? Do you have to stop tretinoin before laser procedures? Head over to and use code DRDRAY to save 5% off SITEWIDE on your first order!
My video on drinking tea for clear skin
My video on sunglasses
My video on hives
My video on angular chelitis

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0:00 Intro
0:33 Ad
3:28 How long does UV protection on sunglasses last?
5:25 Tips for hives
8:40 Tips for cracked mouth corners
10:54 Olive oil post shave
13:08 Tretinoin and laser hair removal
15:08 Outro

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37 replies
  1. Sarah Gorshtein
    Sarah Gorshtein says:

    This winter will be my first winter on tretinoin but last winter I was on adapalene, it’s already become colder where I live and I find I’m dealing with more irritation and my skin just feeling damaged. I’m wondering if I could switch back to adapalene for the colder months and still maintain my results or should I just use tret less frequently (currently using it every other day)

  2. Judy S
    Judy S says:

    Thank you Dr Drey! Lots of good info. For hives, I suggest seeing a holistic doctor. So much is about your gut and what you eat. You are what you eat 😉

  3. fb
    fb says:

    Hi Dr Dray, so I just upped my tretinoin rx to 0.05% and my derm is telling me to stop using moisturizer and sunscreen as these could be the ones breaking me out in cystic acne. We’re supposed to be moisturizing and protecting our skin all the time right 😅 idk how I feel about my derm now

  4. kleio blue
    kleio blue says:

    Hello Dr. Dray. some people claim that laser treatment (especially for hair removal) is damaging the skin (dna) , like the sun would do. What are your thoughts about? Gel nails should also be risky. Both treatments should higher the risk to getting skin cancer. Is there any truth in this?

  5. Collette Cantrell
    Collette Cantrell says:

    Hey everyone! I wanted to quickly clear something up. I am the viewer who sent Dr. Dray the mug she used in this video. I ordered it from an Etsy shop called Inked Earth. It's Holly Murphy's shop, and she is the one who hand painted it. Definitely not me! Just didn't want her beautiful art work to be credited to me. 🙂

  6. RocketMansDaughter
    RocketMansDaughter says:

    I get facials every month, and because my esthetician usually does a peel (glycolic acid?), I stop using Adapalene a week prior to my appointments with her, just to make sure we're not over-exfolliating my skin and causing damage.

  7. Lindsey S
    Lindsey S says:

    My husband is on Xolair for delayed onset pressure urticaria he got on deployment. Thanks for bringing up info on urticaria. I will have him check about aspirin to see if he should stop taking it. Side note I wish someone had told me to stop taking biotin before I started laser hair removal. Wasted 2 sessions. Thanks for your tips.

  8. Amtfh
    Amtfh says:

    Can I continue using my daily moisturizer containing lactic acid when I decide to start using retinol? Google wasn't all that helpful 🙂

  9. MO
    MO says:

    When I use retinol on my skin, i get burned trying to wax my eyebrows & upper lip. The wax is not hot but it still peels a layer of my skin and I hate it! Is this because if retinol? Please help! I haven’t waxed in a few months because I am scared for the burn

  10. Esperanza Blasco
    Esperanza Blasco says:

    I really like your videos answering viewers' questions! I hope you can answer this one:
    What is the correct way of hydrating the portion of the skin that is NOT covered by the SIO Patches?
    I only have the SIO Eye & Smile patches, which means that my forehead, cheeks and chin are not covered while using them.
    If I leave them on for a few hours, do I put moisturizer and sunscreen only on those areas that are not covered? Even when applying the creams very carefully, the moisturizer and sunscreen always get underneath the patches. According to the instructions on the package, this is not advisable and also, it says that the patches can only be rinsed with water. Water only will not cleanse residues of moisturizer or sunscreen. What do you advise? We follow you from Japan and never miss any of your videos!

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